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Clay Paky illuminates Science
Lighting Designer
Mariano De Tassis
Maffei service s.r.l.
Photo Credits
Maffei Service
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The inauguration of the new Science Museum in Trento was a great success: almost 30,000 visitors, 250 events including thematic meetings, talk shows, other shows, concerts and art installations, more than 450 people involved in the organization, 150 accredited journalists, 25,000 visitors to the new website in the first two days, and 40,000 views of the video Push to add Science. These are the extraordinary figures that document the success of the grand opening of MUSE, an event “that projects the Museum and the city of Trento into the future,” as manager Michele Lanzinger pointed out during the 24 hour non-stop inauguration.

The lighting and show designer Mariano De Tassis (who also produced the show together with Alessio Kogoy and Samuela Caliari) designed the lighting. “The customer’s idea,” Mariano explained, “was to put on a 24 hour non-stop show consisting of events relating to the exhibits in the Science Museum. The gamble was to condense lots of different types of event (talk shows, music, DJs, science stories and science laboratories) into a schedule without breaks, where the constantly changing Museum always played the starring role.”

Ezio and Bruno, the owners of Maffei Service, the company that dealt with setting up the sound, lighting and video equipment, counted on the services provided by Event Management and Gest Service. “It was quite a complicated rig,” Ezio said, “which completely absorbed us. However thanks – among other things – to the quality and reliability of the video projections and the equipment we used (56 Clay Paky moving heads, including Alpha Profiles and Sharpys), we completed it with great satisfaction. On this subject, special thanks go to the team that worked with me: the technical manager for the stages Mariano Banerjee from Gest service (Trento), lighting operators Mario Zanella (moving) and Jakob Pernarcich (architecture), the hall sound technicians Fabio Depretis, Luca Vianini and Federico Dorigati, and the stage assistants Lucio Zaedan, Giacomo Plotegher, Gabriele Turra and Massimiliano Gulinelli.”