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Clay Paky illuminates the 10th Anniversary of Malta joining the EU
Lighting Designer
Ismael Portelli
Nexos & Co. Ltd.
Photo Credits
Gianfranco Stellini
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Malta – Malta commemorated the tenth anniversary of its accession to the European Union with huge celebrations in the Grand Harbour of Valletta. The Maltese light rental company and Clay Paky distributor Nexos & Co. Ltd provided lighting designer Ismael Portelli with a total of 177 Sharpy units.

The Clay Paky Sharpy lights were used in groups of three for this design.  This was done to ensure a super bright beam even in unfavourable weather conditions.  We only had three days to set everything up, so everything was pre-programmed using a Capture Polar Visualiser.  The precision of the encoders was critical for this rig to work because the lighting team had very little time to program all the positions.

Lighting designer Ismael Portelli said: “The Sharpy units were up to the job and all worked perfectly. We had very few positions to adjust after the rigging.  We were impressed by their light output. One of the organizers involved in the 2004 show said the Sharpys looked exceptionally bright.  Using these lights meant less power consumption, and therefore less power cable (since the generator sets had to be 330 yards from the site).  Their small size and weight also made them easy to deliver and handle, since no vehicles are allowed to enter the restored fort and they all had to be carried by hand.  Had it not been for the Sharpy, this project would have been an almost impossible task to manage.”  

10th Anniversary of Malta joining the EU
Date:  30th April 2014 @ 23:45
Venue: various sites in the Grand Harbour, Valletta, Malta.
Lighting Designer: Ismael Portelli
Desk Operator and Programmer: Anton Borg Olivier
Lighting Supplier: Nexos & Co. Ltd.

Equipment used: 
Fort St. Angelo:
135 Clay Paky Sharpys
Villa Bighi:
24 Clay Paky Sharpys 
18 Clay Paky Sharpys 

Control desk:
Everything was controlled with an Avolites Tiger Touch 2