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Clay Paky in the Alpine World Ski Championship Medals Plaza
BMS Production Group
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GEPA pictures
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The FIS Alpine World Ski Championships were first hosted in the Austrian city of Schladming in 1982, and the same resort in Styria was chosen again this year as the venue of the 42nd recurrence of the event. In preparation for the World Ski Championships, the City Council built a Medals Plaza, where the medals were awarded and the starting numbers assigned.

Given its importance, the plaza was designed according to professional criteria, including its lighting. The task was taken on by Neumann&Müller GmbH, which fitted the stage with lighting systems consisting largely of Lightpower equipment provided by BMS Production Group. Sixteen Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs, four Clay Paky Alpha Spot HPE 1200s, twenty-four Clay Paky Sharpys and six Clay Paky Igloos were installed. A grandMA2 full-size and a grandMA2 light were used to manage the lights.

Fritz Staudinger, the CEO of BMS Production Group, said: “In the Medals Plaza we counted on a mix of television lighting and a range of lighting effects, such as those seen during Kevin Costner, Andreas Gabalier, DJ Ötzi and Seer concerts. The lights installed performed their task flawlessly. For the first time ever, we also set up a system for use in the event of adverse weather conditions consisting of Clay Paky Igloos. Thanks to this system, it was even possible to cover the Alpha Spot QWO 800 STs, placed on the ground. The Igloos did their job perfectly and resisted against rain and snow effectively.”