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Lighting Designer
Nigel Catmur
Richard Martin Lighting (RML)
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UNITED KINGDOM – For a while now the Mercury Music Awards have been seen as one of the most credible and prestigious awards that a musician or artist can receive. The award is for best album in the UK and Ireland and is chosen by a panel of fellow musicians, executives, journalist and other key Industry figures. The panel are known for not always choosing the favourite, making it all the more exciting.

As part of the build up to this and to keep those who are really into music involved, Barclaycard now sponsor the Mercury Prize Sessions – a celebration of the best live music in the UK now. Acts in include Tom Odell, Suede and Johnny Marr. Each session is filmed at the unique venue The Hospital Club, Covent Garden.

Richard Martin Lighting (RML)
support Lighting Designer Nigel Catmur for the show. The cool and urban look is achieved simply with Sharpys and smoke! The Sharpys create such a strong and recognisable look, that in some situations, they are all that you need. Various lengths of truss were also provided for the stage to add another ‘Industrial’ dimension.

Each session is filmed and when aired on Channel 4 will also include interviews with the acts giving you a chance to learn more about their inspirations and musical tastes. The audience is made up mostly of lucky competition winners and real music fans. The fact that the line-up is so diverse just goes towards making it all the more special.