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Clay Paky lights the spectacular RadioItaliaLive show
Lighting Designer
Giancarlo Toscani
New Light
Photo Credits
Radio Italia
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Italy – The fourth edition of the RadioItaliaLive concert took place in Piazza Duomo in Milan. The long-awaited musical event organized by Radio e Video Italia SoloMusicaItaliana went back on stage with a lavish line-up. The general event production team, led by Gaetano Notaro, started taking its first steps in December last year. Together with the publisher Mario Volanti, Notaro put the Lighting Designer & Director Giancarlo Toscani in charge of a significant portion of the event once again. The concert showcased both extremely famous and less famous artists, all with very different personalities.

“The image of the show and the art direction were left entirely up to my creative discretion, with absolute trust and no interference, apart from the constraints stemming from the necessary and continuous work to find solutions for all the rigging needs and requirements, permits, production costs, installation times and artistic requirements.”

Toscani counted on New Light, Gianpaolo Bruzzese’s lighting service company associated with PRG Alliance, to provide innovative, exclusive equipment.

“Every year I feel the need to diversify the show despite the constraints I have to stick to: programming time; the 24×14 yard stage, which has to play host to a 55 piece orchestra; the limited space for the stage and the big 9×5 yard central led screen. These factors convinced me to rely heavily on video contributions and the video system developed and perfected with Event Management: six motorized double-face video screens.”

“For the lighting, I used different units made by different manufacturers, but the moving spotlights on the stage just had to be Clay Paky lights. My professional training still links me to that good old habit of using spotlights to create patterns and rays. I asked for 40 Sharpys installed on 14 columns and 30 Mythos units, which I had not used before and found to be excellent lights.”

“I needed to create patterns and textures which were visible despite the dominance of the LED screens.  The Sharpy and Mythos lights helped me a lot to achieve the aims I set myself.”

“I chose Alpha Beam 1500s to light the architectural surroundings of Piazza Duomo and the audience, which is a television requirement. Although the street lights were on in the square, I was pleased with the power of the show lights.”