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Clay Paky lights the Turkish-German Cultural Olympics
Lighting Designer
Chris Schatz
Photo Credits
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Germany – The Turkish-German Cultural Olympics arose from the need to put the existing understanding between the two peoples under the spotlight, and at the same time bring the Germans and Turkish even closer together to further promote their inter-cultural exchange. For this reason, these Olympics are not just a national language competition, but also celebrate traditions and are an opportunity for dialogue and reciprocal cultural exchange for young people and children.

The last Turkish-German Cultural Olympics took place in Munich’s Olympiahalle. Show lighting designer and operator Chris Schatz (Klinkertorstudios) used an MA system to manage sixty Clay Paky Sharpys and twenty Alpha Spot HPE 1500s. The MA equipment consisted of two full-size granMAs, three Network Processing Units (NPUs), two Network Signal Processors (NSPs) and one 2Port Node onPC. The production was broadcast in ninety countries and was followed by more than fifteen million viewers.

Schatz commented: “I chose all the equipment myself according to my personal taste. I opted for MA precisely because I find it allows us to work in a network on multiple desks in different areas with the same set of lights. This was an extremely useful feature for us, since we had no time for programming. In this way, Martin Eigenstetter, who was in charge of the audience lights and cameras, and I were able to work in parallel on two full-size grandMA2s. I really like Clay Paky moving lights: they are truly reliable and perform incredibly. I also love the Alpha Spot series gobo set. It is highly versatile and you can use it in countless ways.”