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Clay Paky luminaires are the brightest choice for Bahrain Summer Festival
Maestro Sound & Lighting
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Bahrain – Clay Paky Sharpys, Alpha Beam 700 and Alpha Spot HPE 700s have proven to be the right choice for bright beams during the Bahrain Summer festival, where sunshine summer temperatures can reach 48°C.

An array of Sharpys, Alpha Beam 700s and Alpha Spot HPE 700 spots –known for their ability to create parallel light beams, visible even in the brightest scenes – were utlised for the festival, which took place in the Bahrain city of Manama.

Large crowds of citizens and tourists descended on the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre (BIECC) to attend the fourth edition of the Bahrain Summer Festival, which coincided with the innovative programme of the Ministry of Culture commemorating Manama as the Capital of Arab Culture 2012.

Held under the theme “Manama, City of Joy”, the festival offered a wide variety of magnificent local and international shows and activities.

Maestro Sound & Lighting Company, located in Bahrain, supplied the Clay Paky luminaires.

“Maestro Sound Bahrain has always recommended and stocked Clay Paky products – they’re our number one choice,” says managing director Vincent Rodricks. “We used Clay Paky on almost all of the shows during this year’s Festival – the Sharpys ensure the stage is more creative and dynamic, and compete brilliantly with the giant LED screen we used. The compact and lightweight Alpha Spot HPE 700 have amazing gobos and speed, and the Alpha Beam 700s offer great colours and brightness.”

Alberico D’Amato, Clay Paky Sales Manager, and Egor Popovski, Clay Paky Middle East Representative, say: “ We are delighted that our fixtures can compete with the bright summer sunshine in Manama! We are always impressed with how well Vincent Rodricks and his team apply Clay Paky technology to their shows. They are always exciting – bright and dynamic, full of intense colour and beam work, which adds an exciting dimension to every show they design.”

The month-long summer festival featured acts from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Russia, Czech Republic and the UK, and attracted more than 31,000 visitors.