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Clay Paky provides ‘wide range of effects’ for Big Love Show
Lighting Designer
Konstantin Gerasimov
Arlecchino Techno
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Moscow, Russia – This Valentine’s Day saw one of the biggest dance events in Russia’s history hit its capital. Over 17,000 Muscovites partied hard throughout a 3 and a half hour dance mash-up marathon, with lighting designer Konstantin Gerasimov of 4DProject employing an array of Clay Paky fixtures to deliver an electric party atmosphere.

Organised by Russia’s popular station Love Radio and Brothers Entertainment Production Company, the show took place at the SC Olympisky and was directed by Anastasia Sinelnikova, with executive producer Svetlana Voronova.

The event saw a record number of acts and sound and lighting equipment used on the night. Among these were a significant amount of Clay Paky fixtures, with Gerasimov specifying 92 A.leda B-EYE K20s, 71 Alpha Spot 1500s, 72 Sharpys and 36 Sharpy Washes from Arlecchino Techno.

“As the Big Love Show was a continuous mash-up of dance we had to keep it unique and interesting at all times,” says Gerasimov. “We therefore needed universal, powerful fixtures with a rich colour palette and wide range of effects, which is why we turned to Clay Paky.”

Konstantin rigged the B-EYEs and Alpha Spot 1500s in 426 metres of girders along the walls of the vast SC Olympisky.

“By positioning the Clay Paky fixtures here, we were able to create amazing visual effects with a great deal of ease,” continues Gerasimov. “The intensity, zoom, and of course effects all combine to make these products some of the most powerful and amazing fixtures that we have had the chance to work with.”

Additional effects in the space were created by the Sharpys, which “formed the basis of complete light shows for the individual acts with their powerful, laser-like beams.”

Pavel Shchelkanov created video content for the event. All the lighting and video was completely time coded, with the sound and show program by Nikolay Zinovenko.