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Clay Paky rocks out on DDT’s world tour
Lighting Designer
Andrejs Dubkovs
Elkruff / ORION
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Worldwide – Russian rock legends DDT have embarked on their world tour ‘Pellucid’, with lighting designer Andrejs Dubkovs choosing the ever-popular Clay Paky Sharpy and Sharpy Wash 330 as a winning combination of “power, reliability and budget-saving” for his emotive design.

Dubkovs, of show design house Lumen Art Divison, specified the fixtures from Novosibirsk-based Elkruff for the Russian leg of the tour, with leading production company ORION supplying the units for the international dates.

“The Clay Paky Sharpy and Sharpy Wash 330 are ideal for this tour,” says Dubkovs. “They are super powerful meaning I need to use less fixtures to achieve the looks I want and yet compact and lightweight, saving space in the trucks. Both of these factors are very important when touring around the world.”

The Sharpy is a 189W beam light with an unprecedented brightness usually only achievable with far greater wattages, weighing only 16kg. Similarly, the Sharpy Wash 330 is a 330W washlight with the luminous efficiency, graphic and optical performance of a 1000W fixture.

“In addition, Clay Paky fixtures are extremely reliable during touring and shows and it’s this quality which gives me peace of mind,” continues Dubkovs. “I’ve been planning and designing this show for two years, basing it on the amazing features of the Sharpy and Sharpy Wash 330.”

Dubkovs’ design is powerful and evocative, sculpting the band using both light and shadows as a team.

“This project is particularly special as I wanted to use the show as a canvas and light as the paint, making it a more artistic concept than just flashing lights,” explains Dubkovs. “I also wanted the audience to feel emotion as this is such an important tour, and the Clay Paky fixtures allowed me to achieve this.