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Clay Paky’s Compact Luminaires are a Bright Match for Singapore’s Star Gallery
Lighting Designer
Daniel Loh
coustic & Lighting System Pte Ltd.
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Singapore – Singapore’s technologically advanced new Star Performing Arts Centre has invested in Clay Paky’s Alpha Spot HPE 700 and Alpha Wash 700 fixtures to provide a bright solution for its 770-seater Star Gallery multi-purpose hall.

The venue’s Technical Director Daniel Loh specified 16 of each Alpha Spot HPE 700 and Alpha Wash 700s as an optional upgrade to the standard lighting package in the theatre, choosing them due to their compact, lightweight build and quiet operation.

“In addition to the Alpha Wash 700s and Alpha Spot HPE 700s’ relatively small dimensions, we needed fixtures that offered good colour rendition and really packed a punch in terms of light output,”
says Loh. “The 32 Clay Paky fixtures will serve as floating stock that can be used in various venues in our facility, and the two Alpha ranges facilitate this due to their small scale size but powerful output.”

The Clay Paky fixtures were supplied by Selangor, Malaysia-based Acoustic & Lighting System Pte Ltd.

“The revamped Clay Paky Alpha Series (300/700/1500) and of course Sharpy have been an instant hit in our market,”
says Eugene Yeo, Business Development Manager at Acoustic & Lighting System Pte Ltd. “As now more users has noticed the advantage of investing in better quality lights, we believe that Clay Paky will continue to grow in future.

The 700 series are favourites due to their relatively silent operation, which is useful for TV and theatre, and its quick pan/tilt movement is also great for rock and roll shows. Due to its size and brightness, many people opt for this fixture over 1200W moving heads especially in Singapore, where most of the places are more towards medium size venue and storage of lights are a major issue – the Alpha 700 series fits perfectly for their usage. Clay Paky has managed to establish itself to be the new industry standard of 700W which something we are very proud of.”

The Alpha Spot HPE 700 is the smallest 700W spotlight available, weighting just 22 kilos. The 700W lamp provides a level of brightness equal, if not greater, than that seen with higher wattages. Similarly, the Alpha Wash 700 is an extraordinarily compact lightweight 700 W washlight, with the luminous efficiency, graphic and optical performance of a higher category fixture and is extremely silent and fast.