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ITALY – Clay Paky has achieved extraordinary sales results throughout the world in recent years, thanks to luminaires like the Sharpy and the B-EYE, which Lighting Designers and Rental Companies have appreciated for their innovation and profitability. This however does not mean Clay Paky may now rest on its laurels. Quite the opposite. Pio Nahum, the company’s Sales and Marketing Director, has decided to give a new boost to promotion activities on the field and work with greater commitment to support end-users and distributors.

To achieve this goal, a new position has been created: “Head of International Sales“. The job has been assigned to Alberico D’Amato who, as from 1 July, will be responsible for coordinating all internal Area Sales Managers and external Regional Sales Representatives in their dealings with distributors and customers.

Alberico D’Amato has worked as a Clay Paky Area Manager since 1997. He has travelled relentless around the globe and has become a well known personality in our industry. During these seventeen years, he has successfully followed dozens of Clay Paky distributors with all kinds of cultural backgrounds, very often on difficult markets. He has therefore gained invaluable market knowledge, especially because he has always endeavoured to work directly with Clay Paky fixtures end-users. For this reason, he has got to know personally a lot of rental companies, theatres, TV studios and Lighting Designers.

“I’m sure Alberico will inject new energy into our market activity,” said Pio Nahum. “With his skills, personality and determination, he will lead our sales team with firmness and win our customers’ respect and trust.”

For his part, Alberico D’Amato said: “I am honoured to receive this new assignment, although I will have to partially neglect the customers I have followed up to now, who have become friends. However, this new challenge at the age of fifty is highly gratifying and gives me the chance to do something really important for Clay Paky, a company that is in my heart and which I owe a lot to.”