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Clay Paky Sharpy Wash Works it for Pet Shop Boys
Lighting Designer
Rob Sinclair
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UK – Respected lighting designer Rob Sinclair is using Clay Paky’s extraordinarily compact yet super bright Sharpy Wash 330 as the workhorse fixture for the lighting of the visuals-led Pet Shop Boys Electric World Tour.

The new Sharpy Wash luminaire – a 330W washlight with the luminous efficiency, graphic and optical performance of a 1000W fixture – is providing a lightweight yet powerful solution for Sinclair as the tour travels from America to Europe and the Far East.

“We specified the Sharpy Washes because I needed an extremely bright workhorse light that was small enough to travel with us on the numerous plane journeys around the world,”
says Sinclair. “They’re working great, and we’re very happy with them.”

Pet Shop Boys’ Electric Tour is projection-focussed, jam-packed with dynamic visuals throughout, which are beamed onto an enormous Venetian blind-style screen. This requires a sympathetic and tightly focused lighting design that compliments the visual without overpowering them.

“The side keylight is provided by the Sharpy Washes. The QWOs give us a big wall of backlight that can easily appear and disappear behind the screen,”
says Sinclair. “What they allow is short bursts of intense brightness, which then subsides back behind the visuals. In addition, we have rows of Sharpy beam rigged above the stage, beaming directly down onto the action, giving a very strong, almost architectural look. The show builds from the beginning – you don’t see all of the lighting power from the word go, but it intensifies as the show progresses.”