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Clay Paky Sharpys add star quality to Kuala Lumpur celebrity film awards ceremony
Lighting Designer
Siswa ‘Ajun’ Azmi
Mubari Sound Light Sdn. Bhd.
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Malaysia – Almost 80 Clay Paky fixtures added sparkling star quality to a celebrity film industry celebration in Kuala Lumpur.

Lighting designer Siswa ‘Ajun’ Azmi, from Mubari Sound Light Sdn. Bhd. utilised the Clay Paky fixtures to light up the Anugerah Skrin Malaysian film celebration, held at The Putra World Trade Center.

The theme of the star-studded event was ‘Golden Glamour’ and reflected the style, vision and atmosphere of the movie era.

“For a prestigious event like this, we choose the best brand available. For me, Clay Paky is one of the most flexible and reliable brands out there,” says Azmi. “Every time I look at a Clay Paky Sharpy, I can’t help but have the words ‘Lighting Sword’ in my head. It’s the perfect definition of a sharp, strong and bright lighting instrument.”

The event, which was televised, marked a significant moment in the Malaysian entertainment world. Azmi used 28 Clay Paky Sharpys in conjunction with 28 Alpha Beam 300s and 20 Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700s to add a filmic golden glamour and Hollywood search light ambience to the evening.

“In our culture, we have a traditional idiom that goes like this: ‘kecil-kecil cili padi’.” explains Azmi. “It characterises something that is small in size but big in power and character. In more ways than one, Sharpy epitomises cili padi – small, lightweight and consumes the least power. The lens and reflector technology in Sharpy are by far the most advanced I’ve ever seen.”

After the event, Azmi and his team received very positive feedback. “Clay Paky is a pioneer of the intelligence lighting field. It is not surprising to see Clay Paky being utilized in various prestigious live television programs in Malaysia. Apart from small footprint and its lightweight characteristic, it requires surprisingly little energy to power.”

Pio Nahum, Chief commercial officer for Clay Paky comments: “We are delighted to see Clay Paky fixtures being used on such a diverse number of projects worldwide. Azmi’s deisgn has further emphasized the range of features Clay Paky fixtures offer and demonstrated that Clay Paky fixtures can provide a total lighting solution for any design.”