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Clay Paky Sharpys shine in the new Hakkasan club in Las Vegas
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USA – The brand new Hakkasan nightclub within the MGM Grand in Las Vegas has added dazzling sparkle to its huge main dance floor by installing 16 of Clay Paky’s powerful laser-like beam Sharpys.

The sixteen perfectly parallel pure beam Sharpys are rigged on the main dancefloor, which forms the heart of the 10,000 sq ft multi-tiered nightspot.

Dublin-based nightclub lighting expert Audiotek – which has been involved in some of America’s biggest nightlife venue installations – worked with Hakkasan Ltd to specify and supply the Clay Paky Sharpys as part of the club’s commitment to creating a world-class venue. The luminaires were then installed by Nevada-based 4 Wall.

“When you are working, designing and overseeing the biggest club venue in the world, it pays to know that your specification and light show is going to deliver,”
says Audiotek’s Frank Murray. “The Sharpys are unique in the industry – ubiquitous in the live touring business for functionality, visual impact and beam coherence. In fact I’d say that the Sharpys are the most coveted fixture in the industry.”

The Sharpys’ beam is defined and free of any halo or discoloration around the edges, and the luminaire offers 14 different colours and 17 gobos, allowing lighting designers to change the shape of the beam and create an array of spectacular mid-air effects. The Sharpy is also a great club choice as it is incredibly lightweight, compact, and discreet.

“The Sharpys really came into their own in the three storey space within the main space at Hakkasan for three main reasons: the intensity of the beam, the integrity of the optics, and the reliability and reputation of the product,”
continues Murray. “These factors all drove the decision to specify and integrate the fixtures into the design”.

“The lighting and visual end result is more an arena style spectacle in keeping with the world class DJs and talent which the club is now showcasing. When you book the world’s top DJs such as Tiesto, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki as your house resident DJs the show spectacle must meet the performance levels and expectations of the patrons and the management. The Sharpys ensure that we do this on every show and event.”

“Clay Paky is delighted to hear that one of the worlds biggest nightlife venue sees the Sharpy as the ubiquitous must have fixture”,
says Pio Nahum, chief commercial officer for Clay Paky. “The Sharpy has made an impact in all sectors of the lighting market from concert touring to theatre and night clubs to retail. Every day designers seem to find new ways to use their exciting and powerful features and we always delighted to hear about every new application.”

ACT Lighting is the Clay Paky distributor for North America and Latin America.