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Clay Paky Stormy CC on the road with Motorhead
Lighting Designer
Caio Bertti
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Worldwide – Lighting designer Caio Bertti has become one of the first to specify the new Clay Paky Stormy CC RGB LED strobes for a major tour, choosing them to deliver a plethora of dramatic effects for rock and roll legends Motorhead.

Bertti’s simple yet powerful rig includes 17 of the Stormy CC fixtures, supplied by GLS.

“Ian Turner from GLS, which has been the lighting supplier for Motorhead for many years, recommended the Clay Paky Stormys,” says Bertti. “I had originally specified a different strobe, which he said he would confirm after the PLASA exhibition. A week later he sent me an email saying the Stormy CC had impressed him so much at PLASA he wanted to offer me that instead. I trusted him and accepted and I’m glad I did.”

The Brazilian designer used the Stormy CC fixtures for strong sidelighting, blinders and powerful yet considered strobing looks throughout the show.

“LDs and operators who are not from the metal world think that every time a drummer double kicks a strobe must stab. In my opinion that is totally wrong,” says Bertti. “Strobe is an effect that has to be used with caution. Having the Stormy CC in my rig gave me the strobe option but also allowed me to explore the blinder effect with colour to guarantee rhythm between lights and music. They are perfect for this tour as they pack a huge punch and work just as well as traditional strobes.”

The Stormy CC retains all the charm of a classic strobe yet uses the latest LED technology. The fixture can flash in any colour desired, and is equipped with a parabolic reflector, which means the flash effect is actually enhanced as unlike other LED strobes it doesn’t project light directly forwards.

“My design is straightforward rock and roll,” continues Bertti. “The band was specific about it not being a disco show. I rigged the Stormy CCs on finger trusses around the drums. They’re so powerful I was also able to use them on the floor to perfectly illuminate the 16m x 8m backdrop.”

Motorhead continue their live shows with a number of festival dates next summer.