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ITALY – Now that Clay Paky has successfully lit the first Codega Award Ceremony* (held in Venice last October), the Italian company’s lighting systems are poised to set the scene for LedLab, a solid state lighting laboratory promoted by Assodel. In cooperation with the Italian Lighting Designers Network, Clay Paky will make the Ventura Lambrate district shine during Milan Design Week (from 8 to 13 April at Milan Lambrate) with a series of temporary lighting installations. The NaturaLED lighting itinerary aims to guide visitors through a true lighting experience (LED experience) involving variations in light intensity and colour.

This partnership between Clay Paky and Assodel is part of a wide-ranging series of events devoted to solid state lighting. The aim is to create a number of opportunities for all-round networking in this complex professional world, which will culminate in the second Codega Award Ceremony, on 10 October next, again in the enchanting setting of the Venice Festival of Lights. The Bergamo-based company is mainly involved in architectural lighting and the entertainment and event industry. Each of its products is the result of intense research and development that shapes every feature of the light to obtain innovative solutions and attractive lighting designs. This appeal turns into excitement along the NaturaLED light itinerary, with various LED installations that will stimulate the senses and emotions of those who live the magical experience.

(*) The Codega Award is an international prize given to lighting professionals who have distinguished themselves for LED lighting projects and solutions.

Three innovative products

Clay Paky
will take part at NaturaLED with its Alpha Spot QWO 800, an 800 W effect light with special features that allow you to create multifarious visual effects, colour them with infinite hues, have them move at any speed, and increase and decrease the intensity of the projected light at will. The A.Leda Wash K10 TW is instead a small, robust, lightweight, long-life LED moving head with very low energy consumption in comparison with its brightness. It emits a powerful white light and its colour temperature may be varied very smoothly with additive synthesis from 2700 to 8000 K. It also has a motor-driven 16° to 68° zoom.

Lastly, Clay Paky will showcase its popular portable GlowUp battery-powered light, which also lit the Codega Award Ceremony in Venice. It has a powerful LED light source, which lasts thousands of hours, in keeping with energy saving and environmental sustainability requirements. GlowUp is an intelligent dynamic light. The user may choose a sequence of colour and shade changes from the several pre-programmed inside the light, which it then performs totally automatically.