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Clay Paky wins the jackpot in Las Vegas
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LAS VEGAS, USA – “Clay Paky’s success this year at the LDI show was resounding from every point of view”. Pio Nahum, Clay Paky CEO, did not mince his words to describe their accomplishments at the lighting show in Las Vegas.

After the Plasa Award for Innovation at Plasa in London, the Clay Paky Mythos has received an “Honourable Mention” at the LDI Award for Best Debuting Product of the Year “for providing a high-quality, feature-rich fixture with great optics”.

Nahum stresses that “the secret of the Mythos lies in its ability to do what the most powerful effect lights do in half the space and with half the power”. But the Mythos is even more than this: it is today the only light capable of perfectly combining a spot and beam light thanks to a special optical unit created and patented by Clay Paky.

The SuperSharpy and the Stormy also met with great success: the first is a moving head ACL up to three times brighter than the Sharpy. The second is the latest in LED technology applied to the charm of a classic strobe. These two high-performance lights, together with the Mythos, fit perfectly with the USA entertainment world, which has always been on the cutting edge and a reference point for the entire industry.

Clay Paky won the Parnelli Award for Indispensable Technology with the A.leda B-EYE K20, a next-generation LED moving head. Less than a year after its market launch, it has impressed lighting designers, rental firms and trade professionals for its incredible versatility and its innovative lighting effects. Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Area Manager for North and Latin America, accepted the Award.

Pio Nahum adds: “Today more than ever I am absolutely certain that Clay Paky represents the past, the present and the future of show lighting: in 2010 we launched the Sharpy, which has become the most loved and most sold light ever. Today we are seeing the B-EYE come to the fore as the ‘ultimate LED moving head’. But there is tomorrow too, which is guaranteed by the Mythos, the SuperSharpy and the Stormy, the fantastic trio we launched just a few months ago, which is already receiving extremely favourable reviews worldwide”.

But the accolades are not over: Clay Paky, together with its North American Distributor ACT Lighting, also won “The most Creative Use of Light in a Booth” award. The jury stated that “ACT Lighting and Clay Paky were awarded for a clear demo of new products followed by a fantastic light show designed by Mark Butts.” Brian Dowd from ACT Lighting and Massimo Piccinini from Clay Paky accepted the award.

One of the things that certainly helped to excite visitors was THE PROJECTORS, a creative multimedia project used to present the three new Clay Paky lights every hour. They caused a true record-breaking turnout at the booth. Francesco Romagnoli pointed out that “the winning idea was to turn the presentation into a show in a country whose forte has always been shows. The Mythos, the SuperSharpy and the Stormy lend themselves particularly well to this purpose. The Spanish language presentation for the sizeable Latin American community visiting LDI, for which we fixed a specific time every day, was also highly appreciated”.

This success immediately resulted in orders, and the new lights in stock were rapidly sold. “However,” Nahum ensured, “we are gearing up to meet all requests: the Clay Paky workforce is working three shifts, from 6 in the morning until 2 at night. Sometimes you will have to wait a while, but I expect everything will be working at full speed within a few months”.

The Clay Paky team was very moved to attend the Paky Award. This award was introduced this year in memory of Pasquale Quadri, Chairman and founder of Clay Paky, who died only a few months ago. The award aims to acknowledge outstanding achievements in the field of technological development. Of course, the first of these awards could only be assigned to Pasquale Quadri himself “for his many, many contributions to advancements in technology in our industry.” Pio Nahum and Francesco Romagnoli from Clay Paky and Bob Gordon from ACT Lighting accepted the award.

Lastly Clay Paky and ACT Lighting also reported a large and warm participation at the cocktail party they held at the Palms, on the 55th floor of the Ivory Tower in Las Vegas. “All 250 guests duly turned up. It was a really unusual, but highly significant event,” Francesco Romagnoli underlined once more.

In addition to the dinner and open bar, guests were able to see the Mythos and SuperSharpy vent all their power on the Las Vegas skyline, a truly irresistible reminder for anyone who cares about the present and future of show lighting.