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Bergamo, Teatro Donizetti

Claypaky has consolidated its relations with the Bergamo area and Bergamo’s most important theatre by supplying the lights and its technical support for an opera inspired by Raffaella Carrà and commissioned for the Bergamo-Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023 event.

This strategic partnership is a strong statement from Seriate-based Claypaky that the local area is important even when you are internationally oriented.

Putting the names Claypaky and Teatro Donizetti together means talking about two outstanding players in the Bergamo area, which have come together to realize high-level cultural projects.

Claypaky formed a partnership with the city’s leading theatre in 2022, focused on providing its entertainment lighting technology. This cooperation has continued throughout 2023 culminating with the stage lighting for Raffa in the Sky, consisting of more than fifty fixtures from among the top of the range.

Lamberto Curtoni wrote the music for this new opera, directed by Francesco Micheli. It will be staged from Friday 29 September to Sunday 8 October, and is preceded by a series of events throughout September devoted to Italy’s most famous, blonde-bobbed singer, Raffaella Carrà, in which the celebrity’s personality is portrayed and analysed from several points of view. She was an iconic figure in Italian popular culture and custom who was not just simply a TV star. The fringe events that accompany the opera show how multifaceted Raffaella was, right down to her commitment to social causes.

“The partnership with the Donizetti is a source of great pride for us,” said Alberico D’Amato, Claypaky sales director, “which allows us to consolidate our nearly-fifty-year-old reputation as a top company in the Bergamo area.

In March 2023, we were taken over by the German firm ARRI AG, a leading company in the design and manufacturer of video cameras and lighting systems, as well as systems and products for the film, television and media industry, with a worldwide distribution and service network. We will continue to invest in our production hub in Seriate, not just in terms of machinery but also by hiring new technical and production talents.

The Covid period was very complex for us, as it was for the whole entertainment industry, but we continued to invest significantly in new products and machinery, and to modernize our infrastructure.”

D’Amato went on to say that “this meant we were able to keep the value of the Claypaky brand high so that we now have significant business growth, in excess of pre-covid levels, which confirms our role as a leading player in the entertainment sector, but with a Bergamasque heart.”

Massimo Boffelli, general manager of Fondazione Teatro Donizetti also emphasized the importance of this partnership by reminding that “the theatre is a place of innovation, experimentation and creativity. Technical aspects play a fundamental role, often behind the scenes, since they allow artists and filmmakers to express their vision. Among these, the lights are definitely the fulcrum that brings what happens on stage to life. We are therefore very happy and grateful that Claypaky have made their cutting-edge lights and expertise available to the Teatro Donizetti staff for two years now, strengthening the tie between our two big names in the Bergamo area.”