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Claypaky Mythos 2 Fixtures Celebrate Retailer in Kuala Lumpur
Lighting Designer
Michael Chan
Audio Synergy Projects & Concepts Sdn Bhd (ASPC)
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When a retailer staged its first public exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia it kicked off the event with a glamorous party for 300 VIP guests capped by a light and drone show in the heart of the city.

Lighting Designer Michael Chan of Singapore-based Lighting Insomnia designed the lights and lasers for the event using 120 Claypaky Mythos 2 fixtures mounted the 6th Floor of Suria KLCC (the rooftop), which is connected to the Twin Towers on both sides.  Guests attending the party at the nearby Sky Garden at Permata Sapura were invited into the garden at the close of the evening to enjoy the surprise of a thrilling aerial show.

“As the first private event to be held at the Petronas Twin Towers, the idea was to have power light beams emit from the towers and create an awe inspiring light and drone show in the heart of the city,” explains Michael.  “I believe it was the first time that beams lights were allowed to be placed on the rooftop of Suria KLCC and, if that’s true, I am very honored to be the first person to do a light show there!”  Michael is a lighting designer working on a wide gamut of arts, entertainment and installation projects ranging from musicals, concerts and events to galleries, exhibitions and architainment.

The party celebrated the exhibition in Workshop 3, Sentul Depot, September 2-18, which honored the jeweler’s logo with immersive installations showcasing the history of the brand.

To mark the event, the Petronas Twin Towers were bathed in red by adding filters to its architectural lights.  Michael used six 25w RGB lasers and 120 Claypaky Mythos 2 to create a 12-minute light beam and laser show for the guests 500 meters away at the party venue.  The show was completely synchronized via timecode with a musical score and more than 300 drones with RGBW LEDs, which formed various icons and animations along the skyline.

“I chose Mythos 2 because it is the most powerful and reliable beam fixture currently available in the SEA rental market,” notes Michael.  “The Mythos 2 met my needs for full CMY color mixing along with the ability to create an incredibly powerful, narrow beam with a 2.5º aperture.”

Michael reports that, “the show went amazingly well” despite a wet and stormy night.  “We powered the lights on seconds before the show, and the beams lit up even the storm clouds above the Towers creating a stunning effect.”

Claypaky distributor Acoustic & Lighting Systems (A&L) sold the Mythos 2 fixtures to rental company Audio Synergy Projects & Concepts Sdn Bhd (ASPC), which provided the equipment and setup for the show.

Alfonso Zarate Takano is Claypaky’s Regional Sales Manager APAC.