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Claypaky on the notes of UnoJazz Sanremo
Lighting Designer
Gianmarco Maccario
Pico Service
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Italy – Following last year’s success, Unogas and the municipality of Sanremo presented UnoJazz Sanremo 2016 from Monday 15 to Saturday 20 August 2016. This international jazz festival brought the City of Flowers, as Sanremo is known, back to the centre of the international music scene.

Gianmarco Maccario
and his Pico Service provided the lighting system for the entire six-night jazz-only programme on the Pian di Nave stage, next to the imposing military fortress of Santa Tecla.

The artistic director Antonio Faraò asked for a large covered stage for his refined, varied line-up, to accommodate the various historical trends in jazz music and the genres it has contaminated.

Gianmarco Maccario designed a very simple, practical, dynamic lighting rig, and used Clay Paky lights for all the accent lighting he needed for the stage and the structures assembled on it.

The set and stage structure was enriched with colourful effects generated by Clay Paky Show Batten LED lights. These are moving LED bars, designed for professional stage lighting applications. Ten high-power Osram Ostar RGBW LEDs are housed inside a 100 cm (39 in) long cylindrical aluminium bar. All the parameters of each LED may be controlled individually: colour, 8-bit dimmer and 24 Hz strobe.

“The Show Batten optical unit has a very fast, wide, linear electronic zoom. The “AS” version has a special oval lens instead of the standard one. This enhances the angle of the projected light along a single axis, which is highly advisable for the wall washing applications my lighting design needed.”

The accents and colour are generated in the Clay Paky LED bar through R+G+B+W channels, and use of a wide palette of over sixty macros. The colour temperature was linearly adjusted from 2500 K to 8000 K thanks to a control on a dedicated CTO channel.

“The Show Batten’s 240° tilt was very useful to me. It turns very smoothly and quickly (up to 240° in 0.2 seconds).”

The Show Batten has a compact, durable, lightweight body that weighs only 10 Kg. The bars may be installed in a line or in an array in such a way that the distance between the LEDs is fixed.

“I placed other Clay Paky lights, GlowUps, next to the uprights of the lighting battens installed on the stage to illuminate the inside of the set with the musicians. GlowUps are battery-operated portable lights for outdoor and indoor use, with an impressive set of advanced technological features.”

The part of the festival proceeds taken by Unogas Energia will be donated entirely to charity to the TOKO-VATO association, which works in the Itasy region of Central Madagascar with the support and approval of the local population.