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Claypaky-Osram's ART Centric Lighting provides the light for the "Arte di Moda" exhibition at the Accademia Carrara
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The ART Centric Lighting museum line, manufactured by a division of the multinational Osram, will illuminate an exhibition devoted to the “Art of Fashion” (Arte di Moda). The event will be held from 14 September to 21 October at the Carrara Academy, the most important art gallery in Bergamo, Italy.

As a consequence, Claypaky – also part of the OSRAM group – will be able to pay homage to the Bergamo area, where it has always been based, by providing Art Centric Lighting units as sponsorship for the entire duration of the event. Thanks to Claypaky, art lovers will have a chance to rediscover the masterpieces on display at the prestigious city art gallery and appreciate them in a new light, literally.

“Arte di Moda”
, curated by BE-STILE at the Accademia Carrara, reflects the intercommunication between the worlds of fashion and of painting. The refreshing new exhibition draws a parallel between the paintings in the permanent collection at the prestigious Carrara Academy in Bergamo and the “Giardini di Seta” (Silk Gardens) foulard collection, designed for Gucci by the artist Vittorio Accornero during the 60s and 70s. During this important historical period for Italian design and fashion, the concept of Italian style became established in the minds of the general public.

ART Centric Lighting
is the innovative family of lighting units, designed to enhance the light on works of art in the most effective way, that won the “Best Lighting Product” award at LDI 2018. The outstanding quality of these high tech products stems from the well established know-how of Osram and Claypaky. The team of experts behind ART Centric Lighting have combined the most advanced results achieved during the development of LED technology with perfect knowledge of the functional and design needs of museum and art gallery staff.

With ART Centric lighting, you have complete control over frequencies, colour temperatures and – ultimately – light quality, so you can illuminate works of art perfectly. The principle behind ART Centric Lighting is to highlight the artist’s message and bring it to life in the eyes of the observer, without altering the work either technically or from the point of view of what it has to say. This allows the curator to respect the works of art and details on the canvas, while at the same time enhancing them in a way which is in keeping with the artist’s original concept without causing any damage to the pigments.

The peculiarities of the ART Centric Lighting family make it the perfect tool for lighting an exhibition whose strong point lies in the enhancement of colours and details.

You can visit the “Arte di Moda” exhibition from 14 September to 21 October 2019 at Accademia Carrara in Bergamo (82 Piazza G. Carrara, Bergamo, Italy)