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Claypaky Scenius Unico is a ‘Star’ performer for Monsters of Rock
Lighting Designer
Bryan Hartley
Buenos Aires Live Show (BALS); supplier: Macaio
Photo Credits
Marco Fressone
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Argentina – The Claypaky Scenius Unico made its official debut in Argentina at the renowned Monsters of Rock (MOR) Argentina festival at Tecnópolis, Buenos Aires. The high-impact light show for the outdoor festival, part of the global Monsters of Rock movement, was designed by lighting designer Bryan Hartley and featured the Scenuis Unico as the show’s high impact workhorse fixture.

Headlining MOR Argentina was world-famous heavy metal band Megadeth who were joined by acts including Rata Blanca, Anthrax and others at the day-long festival. Hartley was tasked with designing a versatile rig that could produce a wide range of looks for the international visiting bands. He selected the Scenius Unico for its ability to perform in three powerful modes, Spot, Beam and Wash, allowing him to craft a range of lighting looks for each band in the festival’s line-up.

Hartley rigged 36 Unicos on three lines of overhead truss to provide a dramatic downlight that characterised his classic rock ‘n’ roll design. “The Unico perfectly adapts to indoor, theatrical and, in this case, outdoor environments,” says Hugo Mossi, Business Manager of Buenos Aires Live Show (BALS), the Argentinian production specialist who coordinated and facilitated the lighting and sound elements for MOR Argentina’s eighth edition.

“The Unico has a very powerful selection of modes and a great CTO,” he continues. “The colours it produces are strong and varied. I can say that I have not seen such a strong combination of features in any other fixture in its class on the market.”

Gonzalo Diaz Blasco
, owner of Macaio, Claypaky’s Argentinian distributor who supplied the Scenius Unico units to BALS agrees, “The Scenius Unico was perfect for this show as it is a highly versatile and powerful fixture,” he says. “Its features allowed Bryan the creative freedom to design in Spot, Beam and Wash modes and the possibility of making precise, framed movements thanks to its framing system. The two rotating gobo wheels each include six interchangeable gobos, which with the rotating prism and interchangeable effects wheel, meant Bryan had endless possibilities for his design.”

“We believe that the Scenius Unico will become the standard fixture for entertainment lighting in the world market,” says Mossi. “Riders for Phil Collins, Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran have all come through with Unicos specified, so they were a fantastic addition to this show.”
Blasco concurs, “The Scenius Unicos were the stars of Monsters of Rock. They were up to the challenge of lighting this renowned festival.”

MOR Argentina is due to return in 2018 and is part of the global Monsters of Rock movement that includes the US radio station and cruise enterprise. Originating in Castle Donington in England, MOR festivals are held in multiple countries including the Netherlands, Spain, France and Brazil. The Argentinian chapter has been running since 1994 and has featured bands such as KISS, Black Sabbath and Alice Cooper.