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Creative Events and Clay Paky light up Doha’s Tribeca Film Festival 2010
Lighting Designer
Adam Bassett
Creative Events (CCG)
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In its second year, the Doha Tribeca Film Festival has once again relied upon the stellar Clay Paky Alpha moving fixtures and their biggest stockholder in the Middle East, Creative Events (CCG), to deliver the best in lighting performance for this major event in Doha’s cultural events calendar.

With Doha bestowed the honor of serving as the cultural capital of the Middle East in 2010, the expectations were set high for this year’s Tribeca to be above and beyond the level set by previous year’s debut.

CCG provided more than 1300 mixed fixtures from its extensive inventory of CCG, for the Four Seasons Hotel screening venue and the opening night after-party held at the Pearl Qatar. At the fore of this massive lighting effort, once again designed and specified by Adam Bassett Design Limited, were 88 Clay Paky Alpha units at Four Seasons and another 105 Clay Paky Alpha units at the Pearl.

CCG’s head of lighting department Michel Khairallah noted “The bulk of the moving heads this year were the larger units from the 1200W series of the Alpha line, with the notable addition of the Alpha Beam 1500 and Alpha Wash 1500 moving heads, and some Alpha Spot 700 and Alpha Wash 700 moving heads for supporting details”.

The new 1500 series of ultra-high power moving heads were used in Qatar for the first time at the festival, “It was the first time we used them for an event, and they delivered as expected from a Clay Paky unit, stellar performance and unquestionable reliability. The 1500 wash was crucial for color washing of the Four Seasons façade, and the beam and spot units provided gobo projection for the VIP screening area at the beachfront of the hotel. The 1500 beam was also utilized for the opening night after party at the Pearl together with over one hundred assorted Clay Paky units. The results were nothing short of stunning. The new 1500 line truly sets a new benchmark, and we’re proud to have it as the pinnacle of our offering of automated moving lights” he added.

“The Clay Paky Alpha series are without comparison in the world of moving fixtures, and as such they are the centerpiece of our inventory which is the largest inventory of top-level sound and light equipment in the MENA region, and crucial to a complex lighting project like the DTFF” he concluded.

Lighting Designer: Adam Bassett
Associate Lighting Designer: Gary Collins
Assistant Lighting Designer: Miriam Evans
Technical Project Manager: Terry Cook
Programmer: Jason Harvey