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60 Clay Paky V.I.P. projectors illuminate the breathtaking pool in the “CY-City Pool”. The Cyberhelvetia stand is found in the Arteplage Biel-Bienne’s Forum at the Switzerland EXPO 2002. Its architecture translates what appears to be a traditional Swiss bathing complex into an important place for meeting and communicating. The familiar exterior brings to mind its normal use inside. But times have changed. Different forms of communication now may take place without the physical meeting of the persons involved, regardless of place and language.

Today, going for a swim together no longer requires water. Now, swimmers simply dive deep into the Cyberhelvetia stand’s multifaceted ambience of extended virtual reality. Since we are dealing with an extended virtual reality in Cyberhelvetia, extended reality becomes a sensual game experience for meeting in two different worlds.

The stand simultaneously holds 200 guests and 600 people may visit the exhibition hourly. The project was developed by Wiesbaden’s 3 de Lux and required 130 metric tons of material extending over an approximately 1150 m2 area on two levels: 110 metric tons of wood, 11.5 metric tons of special glass, 8 metric tons of steel and 12 kilometres of cable. The Wiesbaden firm cut no corners with its extraordinarily surreal lighting design layout. Clay Paky’s 60 V.I.P. 300 projectors are fundamental in creating the effect of running water. The projection of abstract patterns create a mesmerizing and ever-changing play of lights.