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Destined multimedia show
Lighting Designer
Pawel “Spider” Pajak
SLS Dubai, A&O Technology
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Over sixty Clay Paky spotlights were used at the DESTINED Multimedia Show in Dubai (UAE). Gulf Arena designed and compiled the show hand in hand with Zayed University. Accreditation was celebrated in style, retracing the story of humanity and the passing on of knowledge through a twenty-five-minute choreographed combination of video, light, sound, fireworks, flames and “dancing waters”, with the special appearance of Japanese drumming group Yamato.

Referring to the Alpha Beam 300s, the LD Pawel “Spider” Pajak (also GrandMA programmer and operator for the occasion) said: “These lights clearly have a never-seen-before brightness for their power class. They have a compact body, are lightweight, and consume only 300W! They also have a CMY wheel (a wheel that changes the colour very rapidly), very useful frost effects and a set of gobos for changing the distinctive features of the beam. Alpha Beams are also very reliable: I have used them on several occasions, both indoors and out, and they have never shown the slightest problem”.

Lighting & Set Design: Pawel “Spider” Pajak
GrandMA programmer and operator: Pawel “Spider” Pajak
Lighting Crew Chief: Tomasz “Szwelik” Szwelicki
Lighting equipment provided by: SLS Dubai, A&O Technology

Clay Paky lighting equipment:
18 x Alpha Spot HPE 1200s
19 x Alpha Wash 1200s
24 x Alpha Beam 300s

Other equipment:
2 x full-size GrandMAs, 3D GrandMA, 1 x Video GrandMA, 2 x MA NSPs 6 x 7kW Falcon Beams, 8 x 6000 CMY Falcon Beams, 8 x 3kW Falcon Beams, 18 x HES Studio Colors, 64 x Showtec LED Pars, 16 x 4-Lite Blinders, 4 x City Colors, 2 x 2,5kW Follow Spots, 70 x Video LED Panels.