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Born in the heart of Copenhagen in August 1996, Discotek IN gained popularity among clubbers in just a few months, becoming the trendiest night-club in Denmark. Moreover, it is unrivalled throughout the country in what it has to offer: 12 non-stop opening hours over the weekend, from 11 p.m. to 10 am, and until 5 a.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays, not to mention the outstanding performances of bands and DJs riding the crest of the wave, such as Aqua, the world’s most famous Danish band today. The idea of promoting a “Free Bar”, an overnight success with the clientele, has made it stay open three days a week since the start.

But it doesn’t just offer music: the philosophy of Discotek IN is to create a centre of 100% entertainment, with acrobats, fire dancers, fashion shows, choreographic events and theme parties, such as the famous “Foam Party”, where you dance immersed up to the neck in soapy water; alternatively, there’s the lonely hearts party, the “Invasions” party or the so-called “Gods Kitchen”. All of these events have become a must for Copenhagen nights, which nobody intends to miss.

5 years after its opening, the manager Dennis Friis and his partners decided on a huge refurbishment costing about 1 million Euros. Investments also include the massive enlargement of the lighting effects, with almost 60 projectors, including mobile bodies, scanners, graphic effects projectors and dance floor effects. The entire lighting system, designed by Clay Paky, was installed by Highlight, its distributor for Denmark.

Dennis Friis told us all about it: “When this new entertainment spot was founded in Copenhagen in 1976, I immediately wanted to make it distinctive, equipping it with avant-garde technology. So I decided to install Clay Paky projectors that I believe are among the best in the world for their quality of projection and creativity of effects. I made the right choice, as the light shows that we provide every evening have always been really appreciated. The Clay Paky projectors have also proved reliable over time, and have never given me any problems; this is crucial when working intensively four nights a week”.

These are the reasons why Dennis Friis has decided to invest once again and with complete confidence in Clay Paky products. This summer’s installation included Stage Zoom 1200, Stage Color 1200, Stage Light 300, chromed Stage Color 300, Astroscan, Mini Scan HPE, Astroraggi Power, Atlas, Display Line V.I.P. and CP Color 150-E: a full army of projectors, to meet every lighting requirement of different environments.

Most of the projectors were installed on three Prolyte octagonal trusses over the main dance floor. The Stage Colors 300 were positioned at the front of the stage, and the chromed version was chosen for its smart design and ability to colour the stage with countless shades. The Astroscans were fitted on “lifting” systems inside the stage, to enhance the multi-directionality of the light beams. The Mini Scans HPE illuminate the smaller dance floor, which juts out as a balcony over the main floor.

Aware of the importance of enhancing settings with architectural effects and illuminating exterior features of facades, Jakob Hansen, director of Highlight, advised Dennis to exploit the versatility of the Clay Paky V.I.P.’s. With their colour wheel and fibre optics system, these create a kind of luminescent starry sky on the disco ceiling. Furthermore, the CP Colors 150-E, the latest version of the Clay Paky professional colour changers designed specifically for outdoors, tastefully and creatively colour the building exterior.

The discotheque manager, Dennis Friis, comments: “In Denmark, as in other countries, the night-clubs founded over the years have always been very similar, proposing the same kind of music and the same kind of environment. IN was founded as a true alternative, different in conception and with advanced technology: this is our pride and joy, which drives us in this direction”.

Discotek IN has also given birth to the IN Festival. Held in the past at the Hyper State of Copenhagen, this is the largest Disco Party in Northern Europe, which has gathered over the years 12,000 to 15,000 people of every age group, from young kids to adults. Dennis Friis and the LD Christian Norgaard also chose to illuminate this festival with a vast assortment of Clay Paky products, including Stage Line 1200, professional scanners and followspots.

8 Stage Zooms 1200
8 Stage Colors 1200
8 Stage Lights 300
8 chromed Stage Colors
6 Astroscans
6 Mini Scans HPE
4 Astroraggi Powers
4 Atlas
5 Display Line V.I.P.’s
2 CP Colors 150-E