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DJ BoBo celebrates with Sharpys
Lighting Designer
Thomas Dietze
Lightpower GmbH
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With over fourteen million albums sold worldwide, DJ BoBo is, along with Yello, one of the most successful Swiss musicians. The artist impressed his fans at the Europa-Park in Rust, Germany, with his “Dancing Las Vegas” show on the twentieth anniversary of his career. After Rust, DJ BoBo’s world tour will start in Germany in 2012. “As the name of the tour suggests, the theme of Las Vegas plays a clear role. We worked with colourful and spectacular lighting effects ranging from the most modern technology to the most traditional,” explained lighting designer Thomas Dietze.

Dietze counted on various lighting effects for the performances at the Europa Park Arena, Europa-Park, Rust, including sixteen Clay Paky Sharpys. A grandMA2, an MA NPU (Network Processing Unit), an MA Lightcommander 48, three 48 x 3.7 kVA MA Digital Dimmer Racks and a 6 x 5.7 kVA MA Digital Dimmer were used to control the lighting, all provided by Lightpower of Paderborn.

Dietze said: “Clay Paky Sharpys were the ideal product for this show. After testing them in the Lightpower showroom, I immediately realized they were a must. They are small enough not to attract attention on the stage set, as fast as moving mirrors and as bright as Xenon 5000s. These lights seem to be specially made for a Las Vegas style stage design.”

“We also used Clay Paky Sharpys as an integral part of the set,” Dietze continued. “For instance, the Oscar statuettes held a Sharpy on a platter, and each angel and demon also held a beam moving light.”

Marc Brunckhard was the programmer and operator. The set was created by HICO Veranstaltungstechnik GmbH.