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There is an amazing novelty in Milan, a place where it is possible to totally surround yourself in fashion, meaning by fashion garments, furnishings and living with taste and style. We are talking about the Emporio Armani which covers about 8 thousand m2 on three floors and where about 120 people work. Fruit of the work of Michael Gibellini, known as the “stylists’ architect”, and, naturally, under the supervision of Giorgio Armani himself, the building hosts various commercial areas divided into departments.
It is also possible to find refreshment in a Japanese restaurant and an Armani Café on the upper floors, conceived and furnished in line with the rest of the structure.

When visiting the Emporio Armani you have the clear sensation that every element has been studied in the minutest detail. The interiors, always very spacious, are typified by elements which can be changed according to requirements. The lighting, sound, video-projection and ventilation systems have been created using the most innovative technologies, at times specifically designed for this occasion.


The V.I.P. projectors of the Clay Paky Display Line play a leading role in lighting for “visual communication”, and create spectacularly enchanting and innovative elements.

This product range is used in shops, shopping malls and architectural environments throughout the world, thanks to its functional versatility: general and detailed lighting, projection of pictures, logos, notices and promotional and informative messages, the possibility of colouring, multiplying, shaping or animating the light band and a thousand more functions.

In the Emporio Armani the DIA V.I.P. 300 each project 6 slides in sequence, showing pictures of the spring-summer fashion collection.
The pictures are shown directly onto the shop windows, to which semi-transparent films, called “opalines”, are attached.
This allows the pictures to be perfectly visible both from inside and outside the shop.

Two V.I.P. 300 project the very famous “A” of the Armani logo onto the wall of the two entrances, where the names of the rooms which comprise the multi-store are printed. The “text” is made to climb along the whole wall thanks to a special “oscillating mirror” accessory, which allow a soft, linear movement of the image over the desired surface. Finally an enormous clock projected by a DIA V.I.P. 300 dominates above the counter of the bar area. Time, measured by the silent but clearly visible hands, reminds us that the Emporio Armani is in step with the times and proposes and accepts new creative stimuli not only in clothing.

The installation of Display Line products at the Emporio Armani is the work of Eliano Girola’s Light Video Sound, Clay Paky distributor for Milan.