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Entertainment companies go "LIVE" from 13 to 14 April
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Ravenna, Italy – Some of the main companies in the show technology industry “enter the field” at the Pala De André in Ravenna on 13 and 14 April 2014. Never before has an idiom been more appropriate: not just because we are talking about a real “field” (a sports centre used during the year to host local basketball and volleyball teams), but also mainly because these companies showcase their technology in the most direct way possible – live on stage!

This is the main feature that distinguishes LIVE. It offers visitors a chance to see and try out sound, lighting and video technology and rigging equipment installed on a real stage, with performing artists. The same equipment is available to all those who take part, so they can arrange custom demos in which they can see, hear and immediately assess the effect that you would get on similar stages.
At the same time, visitors can meet technicians and ask for detailed technical information in the exhibition areas arranged around the stage by the organizing companies. LIVE’s strength lies precisely in its dual nature: the exhibition space and live technology mutually support each other so that visitors get an all-round overview.
LIVE is an Italian event that came into being in 2010. It was conceived by Gianni Fantini, managing director of Joint Rent, a Ravenna-based show equipment sale and rental company. From a small local fair, it quickly grew to include some of the major companies in the world of professional entertainment. The exhibitors at LIVE 2014 today are (in alphabetical order): Clay Paky, Exhibo, Joint Rent, Litec, RM Multimedia (Robe Multimedia), Texim and Yamaha, all top companies in their respective professional fields.  Molpass will provide the technical support for the rig.
LIVE has made a big step forward this year thanks to the creation of a team consisting of all seven companies to deal with putting the rig together, the event’s image, the site, and promoting the event via the industry media. is the official web and media partner. It will not only support the event as regards promotion and communication, but it will be present on site for both days to collect and pass on opinions, comments and interviews with any organizers and professionals who want to take part through their online channels.
Backstage magazine will make its know-how and high level technical expertise available to ensure further important support to the event.
Lastly LIVE 2014 will be sponsored by major trade associations: ARILD (the Italian Association of Lighting Designers), ANS and DOC Servizi (the Italian Professional Performing Arts Cooperative).
Gianni Fantini, managing director of Joint Rent and “inventor” of the format, said: “there are no longer any events in Italy that allow companies and professionals who work in the entertainment industry to meet. Past attempts – some of them very interesting – came to naught or never got going. That is why I wanted to create a meeting place. At first I did not set myself any ambitious goals, but when I saw the positive feedback, I realized that there was room for growth. Today we are here with some of the leading companies in the industry.”
LIVE is aimed at all sound, lighting, video and rigging professionals who work at concerts and events in theatres and television studios, or for the film industry, conferences, theme parks, exhibitions, clubs, discos, pubs and the retail trade.
Do not miss the fourth LIVE at Pala de André, Ravenna, Italy from 13 to 14 April.
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