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Lighting Designer
Franco Proto
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Always present at major spectacular events, Clay Paky was also punctual at the appointment with Sanremo, the Italian Song Festival famous throughout the world. The company from Bergamo was the official supplier of the Sanremo Festival 2001 and lit the evenings of the Ariston Theatre with a large number of intelligent projectors, which included 48 Stage Zoom 1200, 60 Stage Light 300, 80 Mini Scan HPE and some Stage Color 1000 Halogen and Super Scan Zoom.

The arrangement of the lighting system

The Stage Zoom 1200 were located between the stage and the public, at the sides of the stage, on the circular trusses, and were used both for general lighting of the scene and for a high impact effect, that painted the walls with graphic fantasies in continuous motion. Moreover, 20 Stage Zoom 1200 welcomed the singers and other guests when they entered the Ariston Theatre parading down the catwalk. The Stage Light 300, powerful, compact and fast moving body projectors, were installed on the large hemisphere of the back wall. Synchronised with each other, they formed a sort of “moving wall” that provided excellent back lighting.

The Mini Scan HPE, installed in an arc on the platform, on the wall, along the gallery parapet and on the back wall of the theatre, completed the impressive effects. Often synchronised with each other, they created a suggestive “wave effect” that embraced the theatre from one corner to the other. The Stage Color 1000 Halogen, ideal for use on television, provided an important colour contribution and were located at the sides of the stage. The impressive Clay Paky lighting system was completed by over 430 CP Spot, the spots for general lighting which, located one against the other, created the clearly visible luminous message “SANREMO 2001” on the stage.

The “Clay Paky” choice at Sanremo

The wide range of Clay Paky products used inside the Ariston Theatre derives from the willingness of RAI to entrust itself to a company that, for years, has taken constant interest in the most professional sectors of lighting and contributes to their development with energy and innovative ideas.
In particular, Television and the Theatre are optimal application environments for many Clay Paky projectors, as is proved by the numerous installations of the Italian company’s products throughout the world.

The relationship between RAI and Clay Paky has developed over years of mutual collaboration in various transmissions and programmes.

The Sanremo Festival lighting, around which the attention of the whole world of spectacle focuses for a week, had to come up to expectations.

Sanremo, in fact, is a 360° show, it is one of those events prepared in great style and with wide use of equipment, an impressive showroom for the most modern technologies.

The Clay Paky projectors, orchestrated with great skill and intelligence by director of photography Franco Proto, provided the best guarantee for the success of the event, thanks to their recognised power, the superior optics that provide an unequalled chromatic and graphic performance and the uniformity of the beam. The completeness of the Clay Paky lighting products range, which was very noticeable inside the Ariston Theatre, confirms the flexibility and quality of the Italian company’s offer.