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Lighting Designer
Renato Neri
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The 2004 edition of Festivalbar saw, as always, the participation of artistes of international renown, and the highly spectacular staging of a travelling show that had dates in Milan, Catania and Lignano Sabbiadoro, as well as the traditional finale hosted by the Arena of Verona on 18 September.

Zucchero was the overall winner: the album “Zu & Company”, characterised by many duets with important artistes of international renown and anticipated by the rhythm and energy of the single “Il Grande Baboomba”, was the most sold CD this summer. Prestigious recognition also went to Biagio Antonacci, who was awarded the “Album” Prize for “Convivendo Parte I”. International Discovery Prize to Eamon and Italian Discovery Prize to Luca Dirisio for his “Calma e Sanguefreddo”.

Other great artistes alternated on stage at the Arena of Verona under the dynamic compering of Marco Maccarini and Irene Grandi: the REM, Bryan Adams, Francesco Renga, Piero Pelù, Mango, Mark Knopfler and Eamon, to name only the more famous.

Renato Neri’s Xenon provided the stage settings and the light and sound systems for the nineteenth year running. For the 2004 edition of Festivalbar, too, Renato Neri put his trust in Clay Paky projectors. The system included Stage Zoom 1200, Stage Color 1200, Stage Scan, Super Scan Zoom and CP Color MH. A very varied range of lights that provided a studied mix of mobile bodies, scanners and colour changers to offer the best opportunities to both the live event and the TV recordings. The settings were completed with numerous ledwall, which projected abstract graphics and musical programming relative to the artistes themselves. The stages set up in Milan, Catania and Lignano, slightly different depending on whether protective coverings were used or not, also used Clay Paky projectors exclusively.

Organiser: Andrea Salvetti
Production Director: Duilio Celia
Executive Producer: Miride Bollesan
Sound and light service: Xenon
Lighting Designer: Renato Neri
Photography Director: Massimo Manzato
Direction: Egidio Romio
Clay Paky stage lights: Super Scan Zoom, CP Color 150-E, CP Color 400
Other lights: Aircraft 250W Xenon
Other effects: ledwall
Sound system: EAW