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Fournell showtechnik GmbH
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Germany – Fournell showtechnik GmbH is a family-run SME, based in Haar (Munich), which deals with shows and events. For no less than 25 years, the firm has successfully followed the entire entertainment industry market. Fournell Showtechnik has expanded its stock of lights for future projects with 20 Clay Paky Scenius Profiles.

Holger Amann, Fournell Showtechnik’s sales manager, had this to say about the purchase choice: “We chose the Scenius Profile for a number of reasons. In comparison with other moving lights of the same power, the Scenius Profile has many features that are dear to us, such as excellent colour rendition, a wide zoom,  fantastic projection quality, a flexible beam shaper and low noise emission… not forgetting its light weight. The Scenius rounds off our light stock perfectly: whatever use we want to make of them or whatever our customers’ needs may be, we are sure we can count on Clay Paky quality.”

The Scenius Profile stands out for having the same quality of white light as the spotlight version. Its 1,400 W discharge lamp, developed by Osram in close collaboration with Clay Paky precisely for use in the Scenius, provides an intermediate colour temperature of 6,500K and achieves a CRI of over 90 thanks to its wide spectrum and output that ranks it well above the other 1,500 W lamps. Moreover, the Scenius Profile has a beam shaper that turns through +/-45° with four complete focal planes.

The light can also be run in 1,200 W low-noise mode, a feature that allows it to be used in delicate acoustic situations such as TV studios and theatres. As to colours, the Scenius has a CMY colour mixing system, a wheel with seven fixed colours, and a linear CTO filter. So it can meet all needs, from pastel shades to saturated colours. Furthermore the specially developed flat reflector means you can get an extremely uniform image. An 8° to 50° zoom with autofocus, two gobo wheels (one rotating and one fixed) with interchangeable gobos, a rotating prism, an extremely precise dimmer (0-100%), and an iris with numerous functions complete the features.