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Get Stoned
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The Get Stoned, recently nominated by Radioeins RBB as the best Rolling Stones cover band, performed in front of the TV cameras with the spectacular aid of Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s. The live recordings, made by the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle in collaboration with Media Academy GmbH, brought out the band’s qualities as interpreters.

The recordings were also an opportunity to give young technicians and operators a chance to gain important experience in the lighting, sound, stage and rigging sectors. Professional equipment was provided for the purpose built by manufacturers such as Clay Paky, ETC, Eurotruss, MAJOR and MA Lighting.

“All the equipment belongs to the Media Academy production department and is available to companies and people for training use and various events”, project leader Thomas Bardeck explained. “The lighting equipment used is on the cutting edge of lighting technology, and is normally utilized on our training courses. The Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300s were designed specifically to provide their main feature, i.e. to project extremely powerful concentrated light beams into the air”.

A full-size grandMA console, an MA 48×2.3 kW Digital Dimmer-Rack and Eurotruss XDs were used, as well as FD 32 and FD 34 trusses.