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Hermes Music is Clay Paky's new partner in Mexico

Hermes Music has signed an agreement with Clay Paky to distribute Clay Paky products in Mexico that includes a long-term strategic plan drawn up by the highest levels of both companies.

Hermes Music is a very well known company and has been on the Mexican market for a long time. It was founded in 1991 and initially aimed its business at musicians and audio professionals involved in shows. It engaged in distributing the most prestigious names in professional audio equipment, musical instruments and digital audio. The company quickly made a name for itself in Mexico thanks to its widespread well-established sales network throughout the country, and gained the respect and loyalty of sector workers owing to its seriousness and professionalism.

This allowed Hermes to broaden its business slowly to include the professional lighting sector, until it reached today’s position of the most important company in Mexico on the show equipment market. Hermes Music today covers several sectors: fixed installations, such as those in hotels, restaurants and cinemas, at theme parks and on entertainment premises; and on the rigs of the most famous local and international artists, both for live concerts and TV studios

Francesco Romagnoli, Clay Paky Sales Manager for North and Latin America, says he is very satisfied with this new partnership, which: “is the result of an immediate feeling which arose both between the two companies and between the people involved. Cooperation with Hermes Music will make Clay Paky highly visible on the Mexican market, and in all Latin American countries in general, where shows are an important part of their strong musical-cultural background. Hermes has paved Clay Paky’s way to a very interesting clientele. Our agreement will turn into a big sales opportunity for both companies.”

Alberto Kreimerman, CEO of Hermes Music, says: “I have known Clay Paky for many years and have always appreciated the excellence of its products and services: from construction quality, reliability and performance to the assistance provided by the parent company. There is no doubt that Clay Paky lights have the right features to come out top on our market. At Hermes, we are all enthusiastic about this new opportunity.”

Greg Morrison, vice-president of the company confirms: “We met the Clay Paky top management at the LDI last year, where we laid the foundations for the current pact and agreed upon a common corporate strategy. There was immediate perfect understanding and we are very confident that our partnership will lead to great benefits both for Clay Paky and Hermes Music.” The General Manager Juan Cordoba Perches underlines how Hermes Music will undertake to provide all the technical and logistic support needed to drive the sales strategy Clay Paky has embarked upon in Mexico: “Clay Paky is the only company in the world to have such a wide range of products for the professional market. With its Alpha line, Clay Paky products have become accessible to any type of user and any show, from the smallest to the largest and grandest, thanks to the brand new Alpha 1500 W line.”

The joint action of the two companies will be further reinforced by the precious cooperation of Jorge Aguirre. He has been a trusted Clay Paky commercial partner for several years and was appointed Clay Paky Regional Representative for continental Central America as part of this agreement.