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Hi-Tech Audio & Image organized the annual Claypaky Open Days in India

Hi-Tech Audio & Image, distributor for Claypaky in India, organised the annual Claypaky Open Day at their corporate experience centre in New Delhi, showcasing a range of their products. Dylan De Matteo – Product Specialist from Claypaky in Italy – conducted the demo session for attendees from various Delhi-based hire companies. Amongst the invitees were several Light Consultants and Lighting Designers in attendance.

During the sessions, all sales-related queries were answered by Pankil Ahuja, Claypaky’s Regional Sales Manager for the Indian Sub-continent. As to the range of products, for the first time in India attendees set eyes on Claypaky’s LED-based moving heads of Midi B, Sinfonya Profile 600 and Arolla Profile HP.

Dylan De Matteo’s experience with Claypaky products was much appreciated by the attendees. Prior to the event, Dylan took the initiative to set-up the lighting fixtures along with the Hi-Tech Audio & Image technical team. Dylan says: It was a privilege to be able to participate in this important event in the presence of the whole Hi-Tech Audio & Image team and showcase all the new products to such a large audience.” He continues, “India is definitely an emerging market that needs cutting-edge, high-quality products and I’m glad that many customers have chosen Claypaky as their official partner for their current and future events. Thanks again to all the Hi-Tech team, especially Rajan Gupta, Nirdosh Aggarwal and my colleague Pankil Ahuja for organising this Open Day.”

Claypaky’s recently-launched Tambora Batten was also exhibited at the Open Day. This high-power LED batten fixture has advanced pixel mapping capabilities and has a unique “three-layer” profile that can be seamlessly arranged in line or in a matrix for amazing lighting effects. Available in Round- or Square-sized lens configuration, the Tambora Batten is an adaptable lighting instrument that addresses many needs for inline or matrix lighting applications, with an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.

Pankil Ahuja, who played a pivotal role in organising the Open Day, shares his experience about the event. “It was a good opportunity to look at the latest arrivals from Claypaky for Hi-Tech Audio & Image during the Open Day. This on-invite Open Day was restricted to our selected customers. Sinfonya Profile 600 was not the only product displayed there. Customers were amazed by the performance of Xtylos (LASER-based moving head). Medium washes like the Midi B were the choice of customers in regard to the investment and performance ratio. We are planning more such Open Days in 2023, all across India, where we will do technical comparisons and educate customers about the quality of light. We are also working with more and more Lighting Designers to update them on the latest innovations from Claypaky.”

“Organising the Open Day was a necessary marketing and sales activity, as we could meet and greet our clients in person. When we talk to our clients, demonstrating the various products of our brands, it makes a huge difference with hands-on demo sessions. We are very grateful to Dylan De Matteo who travelled to India from Italy and supported us in organising the Open Day. With Pankil Ahuja’s sales experience and product knowledge, we are able to show the advantages of Claypaky fixtures over Chinese-manufactured lights,” shares Nirdosh Aggarwal, Managing Director of Hi-Tech Audio & Image.

Rajan Gupta, CEO & Founder of Hi-Tech Audio & Image states, “The professional lighting industry in India is still growing and expanding. With the presence of experienced lighting designers who want to experiment with new ideas and rental companies eager to expand their lighting inventory, we have a booming market opportunity for brands like Claypaky. Thus, organising such Open Days across the country with Claypaky will educate interested clients and open new avenues”.