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Historic Norwegian Theatre invests in cutting edge Clay Paky B-EYE fixture
Elektrik Solutions
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Elektrik Solutions
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Norway: The longstanding Drammens Theatre in Norway has recently replaced its entire stock of LED Wash lights with the multiple award-winning Clay Paky A.Leda B-EYE K20 fixture in a recent bid to modernise the venue’s technological offering.

The 200-year old theatre was privy to a unique demonstration of the fixture’s exciting capabilities, organised by Clay Paky’s official Norwegian distributor Elektrik Solutions.

“The client absolutely fell in love with the B-EYE K20 from the second they saw it,” explains Elektrik Solutions’ Project Manager Peter Nilssen. “All together they decided to purchase 20 fixtures. As is the case with every client, the Drammens theatre team were very impressed by the B-EYE’s notable amount of macros that make it easier to work with than similar products on the market. They were also excited by the possibility of pixel mapping the fixture’s LEDs.”

The triple award-winning B-EYE is first and foremost a premium LED wash light at least 20% brighter than any other LED-wash with the same rated power. The B-EYE’s zoom ranges from 4º to 60º making the fixture suitable for environments that span from small theatres and TV studios to spaces that demand a larger beam angle such as arenas and stadiums.

“The B-EYE is an incredibly versatile light,” continues Nilssen. “It is a good size and very silent in operation, so much so that the sound engineer at Drammens Theatre even commented on how quiet it was!”

As well as the B-EYE’s impressive capabilities as a premium wash light the fixture’s FX system is also catching the eye of lighting designers and technical department heads.

“The B-EYE’s ability to create multi-zone effects through its rotating front lens is a brilliant feature,” explains Nilssen. “The fixture houses 37 LEDs that can be controlled individually to create graphic and kaleidoscopic effects. Because of this feature the B-EYE can also narrow down to become a sharp beam fixture, which is a really exciting option for a wash light.”

The B-EYE has won three awards since its release at PLASA 2013, including a Prolight and Sound PIPA award for best lighting product 2014.