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POINT: The new intelligent mini-colour changer

Clay Paky presented a world-exclusive preview of Point, the new intelligent micro-projector with a low voltage lamp. It encompasses all the technology of large professional Clay Paky projectors and can be used anywhere: homes, shops, agencies, restaurants and fast food outlets, gyms and fitness rooms, pubs, amusement arcades, bowling-alleys, nightclubs and other venues.
POINT is a highly innovative projector, which brings a new colour changing system into places where colour could only be alternated by colouring light from different spotlights using separate coloured filters.
It comes in three versions – wall-mounting (POINT), with moving body (POINT MH) and flush-mounting (POINT IN). It is compact, light, practical and easy to install, and its modern and elegant design adapts to any setting.
POINT features a flawless 0-100% dimming effect and high quality dichroic colour filters.
You can choose from four 50W lamps with different beam widths. POINT can operate automatically with a series of built-in programs, in automatic master-slave mode or digitally controlled from a DMX control unit. This makes POINT extremely versatile for a wide variety of installations, and it can be combined with general lighting in many different environments.
POINT can also project logos and drawings for a wide range of applications: just fit the projector with a lens and a gobo mount. This single product encompasses all the best features of a colour changer and a visual information projector. Clay Paky has also designed a special barndoor kit for Point.

CP COLOR and the “Navigli in Luce” project

Following the success of “Monumenti in luce” organized for INTEL 2001, Milan’s city council, ASSIL and AEM created another attraction this year for workers and all the Milanese.
This event, labelled “Milan by Light”, floodlit some areas near the historical and picturesque canal district: La Darsena in Porta Ticinese and Naviglio Grande.
The last stretch of Naviglio Grande to Milan was particularly evocative.
The outdoor colour changers from Clay Paky’s CP COLOR range illuminated this area with spectacular floodlighting on both sides of the bridge.
Four projectors with 150W lamps coloured the two pairs of lateral columns, while another pair fitted with 575W lamps lit up the arches and structure of the bridge.
A view from the car park in Viale D’Annunzio gave an overall panorama of the side facing La Darsena, whereas the other side was best viewed from Ripa di Porta Ticinese. The careful choice of colour combinations, with varying pastel shades, set off the bridge’s simple but functional architectural style, blotting out all the ugly graffiti.
The CMY colour mixing system features high quality dichroic filters that can generate a vast assortment of shades.
The colour variations were programmed on a Pulsar Masterpiece 48 DMX512 control unit.

All the products at Clay Paky’s stand

The entire architectural line was exhibited at Clay Paky’s stand:

– DISPLAY LINE: Image projectors for visual communication.
– CP COLOR RANGE: The new generation of architectural colour changers.
– CHROMA RANGE: The new range of led colour changers.
– COLORWAVE 300: The simple and versatile colour changer.
– POINT: The new intelligent mini-colour changer
– CP SPOT: Indoor spotlighting.
– BUBBLE EFFECT CYLINDERS: Thousands of coloured bubbles in a cylinder of water.

All these products were exhibited in a hexagonal arrangement where you could find information on technical and structural features and lighting specifications for each product.