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On 18th February 2002, Clay Paky met its important goal of Company Quality System Certification according to international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2000, a version of the Vision 2000 standard.

This certification was issued by CSQ, which adheres via IMQ to the CISQ Federation (Italian Certification of Company Quality Systems) composed of the most important certification bodies operating in Italy. These bodies have agreed to standardize the various operating procedures and evaluation criteria, in order to represent themselves consistently both in Italy and abroad.

The CISQ Federation signed international agreement IQNet (International Certification Network), whose aim is to jointly acknowledge the company management system certifications issued by certification bodies from the major industrialized countries.

Certified activities include the design, production, sales and marketing of professional lighting products. The aim of this certification is to develop, implement and improve the efficiency of the quality management system, in order to increase customer satisfaction.

All the staff is involved in the Quality Policy and each company process is kept constantly under control. This system involves administrative and technical measures which are adopted throughout the entire organizational and productive system in a systematic, planned and documented way, in order to reach the following objectives:

– total customer satisfaction
– improving management results
– achieving top competitive levels on the market
– constantly and consistently improving product quality and the quality system

The quality system depends significantly on the selection of our suppliers and continuous quality control of raw and component materials.

Customer feedback is fundamental in achieving quality targets, since any reason for customer dissatisfaction is analysed by Company Management, in order to find and eliminate the cause. This phase is crucial in continuously improving the quality system, as it becomes a new starting-point on which to formulate a quality system that is as compatible as possible with the needs of our customers.