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Clay Paky: the Professional Academy of Karlsruhe bid farewell to its graduates

With about 2200 guests, the 2003 class of the Professional Academy of Karlsruhe celebrated the end of the course in the Schwarzwaldhalle. For the students specializing in Techniques of Organization and Production, it was a good opportunity to put all the skills they had acquired to the test in front of the eyes of all those present. Using 30 Clay Paky moving body luminaires, a full-size grandMA, a grandMA replay unit and an NSP, the students who had completed the fifth semester of the course staged a show which was certainly not inferior to important models.

After extensive preliminary planning, 24 students attained their goal. The technical equipment necessary was put at the disposal of the future engineers by the companies involved in the training. As well as the impressive lighting apparatus for a show of this kind, a rotating gobo was also used on the stage for a quick change of sets. Two large plasma screens also contributed to the professional nature of the show.