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Lighting Designer
Oberlassnig Alfred "Rockfreddy"
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Organised by the Austrian magazine “Krone”, the “Krone Sport Gala” was held in Linz for the purpose of presenting special awards to several champions of international renown due to their outstanding sporting prowess. The three-times Olympic gold medallists Alberto Tomba and Toni Sailer, several Austrian soccer champions and many other famous sportspeople were present at the ceremony, as well as Italian singer Toto Cutugno as special guest. It was not by chance that the slogan identifying this event was “Italian Nights”.The champions were awarded a golden crown in front of several thousand people (Krone means “crown” in German).

The event enjoyed spectacular staging and the hall and prize-giving stage were fitted out by Austrian company VIDEO + SHOW.

Lighting Designer Manfred Krenn used 8 Stage Color 1200, 6 Stage Zoom 1200, 2 Stage Profile Plus, 8 Stage Scans and 2 Shadows, that provided inside lighting for the large building that hosted the event and, in particular, the large white canvases prepared for the occasion by VIDEO + SHOW and raised near the walls.

At the same time as the Krone Sport Gala, a ceremony was held in Linz for the opening of the “Linz-Bindermichl” Tunnel. VIDEO + SHOW prepared a 16 metre x 10 metre stage inside the tunnel, with trusses up to 8 metres high. The event, of considerable importance for Austria, was transmitted by Austrian TV. Nine architrave trusses were raised along the whole length of the tunnel, with loudspeakers and Plasma screens that also broadcast sound and pictures of the events taking place on stage to the people gathered at the far end of the tunnel.

Lighting Designer Oberlassnig Alfred “Rockfreddy” used 3 Super Scan Zoom 1200, 2 Shadows and 2 Golden Fog smoke machines, while PAR projectors were used for lighting the tunnel. The Lighting Designer said about Clay Paky: “I have worked with the Italian company’s products for 15 years, the first projectors I had the opportunity of using were the historic Golden Scan 2 and Golden Scan 3, and I was very impressed by their innovation and reliability for those times. I also greatly appreciate the fact that Clay Paky has followed a constant and coherent growth policy, always putting the quality of their product first. When I use a Clay Paky product I know that I have available the maximum technology and best reliability present on the market”.

VIDEO + SHOW have used Clay Paky projectors exclusively for many years, both due to their quality and the good relationship with TECHNIK DESIGN, the company that distributes the Italian brand in Austria. VIDEO + SHOW used Clay Paky projectors for other important events also during 2004-2005: Horsefair, the horse fair lasting for three days in Wels and transmitted by Austrian television; Innsbruck goes Ice, the opening ceremony of the new Ice Arena in the Tyrolean capital and Metalcamp, a three day open-air hard rock festival that attracted thousands of young people from all over Europe.