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LD Will Charles talks about the show "Odd One In" with Clay Paky
Lighting Designer
Will Charles
Richard Martin Lighting
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‘Odd One In’ was the snappy title of an ITV1  Saturday night game show made by  Zeppotron back in May. It was transmitted in late summer  with  Bradley Walsh hosting  a series of ‘ crazy ‘ id parades. Regular panellists Jason Manford and Peter Andre played against  another celebrity team , with the participation of the studio audience thrown in.

We  had made a pilot in late 2009 which helped  refine the format devised by  Executive Producers , Peter Holmes and Neil Webster,  and indeed succeeded in getting a commission from ITV1.

However the set, designed by Cath Pater-Lancucki needed considerable adjustment from the pilot. The format heavily dictated the mechanics of the shooting and it was decided to shoot 360 degrees on a set incorporating 2 pros arches. Studio manager Jules Silvester managed to dust off BBC  Elstree Studio D which had largely been mothballed since the mid 90’s.

The two celebrity teams now sat with their backs to the main block of audience seating (X Factor style) and were flanked with two additional blocks of ‘voting’ audience. Opposite were the two pros arch stages , who’s flying gauze ‘tabs’ revealed the ‘id parade’ line ups on trucking stages.

At the end of each game the ‘real‘ Frenchman, Man Who Married a Pineapple (I kid You Not!) , or whoever was discovered  using  a ‘Strictly‘ style lighting reveal.

So we had a moving set, 360 shooting, a host who was encouraged to hare about, animals, children, audience voting, line ups  which varied in size,  oh and the cast of Sister Act doing a big  production number. What further challenges could there be I hear you cry ? Well with a restricted budget Director Steve Smith and Series Producer Kate Maddigan were forced to drop the on camera rehearsal days. The result was, for us in lighting, it was like the Gen Game on speed !

So with limited lighting budget and the need to light two stages, four celebrity  panellist, a large audience spread 360 around the studio and of course make it all look as expensive and colourful  as the X-Factor ! , every lamp had to earn its keep.

The automated lighting fixtures were supplied by Richard Martin Lighting, with the excellent Alpha Beam 300’s providing back light. Alpha Beam 700’s and Alpha Wash 700’s completed the rig.

All this technology was programmed by Tom Sutherland from a Compulite Vector.

All in all ‘Odd One In’ was an challenging show and I was extremely pleased with the results we achieved. This simply could not have been done, in the time and on the budget available, without an excellent team and the highest standard of equipment. I’m extremely grateful to all those involved.

Courtesy by lighting Designer Will Charles