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LD Giovanni Pinna lights up the Campari Boat-in Cinema event at the Venice Film Festival with 100 Claypaky Sharpy Plus Aqua units
Lighting Designer
Giovanni Pinna
Service LK Events
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One hundred Claypaky Sharpy Plus Aqua fixtures were deployed at the Venetian Arsenal from 31 August to 10 September 2022 for the Campari Boat-In Cinema event at the time-honoured Venice International Film Festival.

Campari has been the main sponsor of the festival for the past five years, during which it has organized a whole series of events to promote dialogue between established filmmakers and emerging talent. Among the best-known initiatives is the screening of some of the films in competition with the audience watching from the water on small boats or platforms in the scenic Arsenal basin. A spectacular live performance opens the evening after an apéritif and welcome dinner for a select audience of about 180 people. This is followed by a film screening on the big screen. After the film, the evening firework party begins for a larger audience of about 1,500 people, with live performances and DJ mixes featuring scenic settings and striking light shows.

Event lighting designer Giovanni Pinna told us: “the client asked for some very ‘graphic’ lighting to bring out the four islands, which were built especially for the occasion and connected to each other with red carpet-like walkways. The stars and guests arrived and were guided along the pier and walkways by a highly dynamic light path, drawn out using about eighty Sharpy Plus Aqua units, forty on each side.”

Claypaky’s Sharpy Plus Aqua is an IP66-rated hybrid moving head fixture, ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. It comes complete with all the latest effects and performance features and is capable of adding a distinguishing touch to any lighting design.

Pinna went on to say: “Aqua Sharpy Plus fixtures are absolutely excellent, and the only outdoor lights I used at the Arsenal. They provide so many visual effects. I used them almost entirely by playing with their gobos and prisms. To say nothing of their versatility: depending on the need, I could use them as beam, spot or wash lights.”

About twenty Sharpy Plus Aqua units were also installed on the edge of the big screen to provide stage backlighting. On some occasions they were used as key lights, for example during Stefano Accorsi’s performance.

“For such important events and demanding clients, you absolutely have to rely on proven products and brands that you know you can count on,” Pinna continued. “Claypaky has always supported me with great professionalism, and their technical staff was again invaluable during the rigging. Most important of all, the client was highly satisfied with the result!”

Claypaky also supplied Mini-B fixtures. These small but ultra-efficient wash lights were installed inside the discothèque Campari set up.

The event was conceived and produced by MCM Comunicazione di Chicco Nobili. The lights were provided by Service LK Events di Salvatore OlivaStudio Gio Forma handled the art and creative direction and “Laccio” dealt with the choreography. Giovanni Pinna received priceless help from chief technician Matteo Minchella.