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Leyendecker GmbH
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Germany Leyendecker GmbH added a hundred Clay Paky A.leda Wash K.10s to their assortment at the beginning of 2013. Through this investment, the Wuppertal-based full-service company has entered the field of moving-head LED lights in a big way.

Managing director Marcus Leyendecker explained their choice: “We decided to buy the A.leda range K10 model because our rental assortment already included a lot of Clay Paky products and we wanted to diversify our offer. Since we are continually expanding our product range and always looking for good products that offer various use options, our choice fell on the A.leda range K10 model. This light offers everything we expect from a latest generation LED moving head. It is small and lightweight with excellent performance. It has individually adjustable RGBW LEDs and low operating costs. In addition, the excellent service Lightpower offers was another factor that persuaded us to purchase A.Ledas.”

Through their A.leda models (K20, K10 and K5), Clay Paky offers a range of highly efficient LED washlights that not only allow users to obtain a wide range of effects and functions (thanks to the individually adjustable LEDs), but also to meet Clay Paky’s high quality standards.

All the A.leda moving-head lights have 15 W RGBW LEDs, which render deep saturated colours excellently and provide a wide range of white and pastel shades. There is also a CTO channel for colour temperature adjustment. The K10 model has 19 LEDs with an overall power of 350 W and rated luminous efficiency of 9,000 lumens. The K20 achieves a rated light output of 18,000 lumens with a power of 600 W, while the K5 has a luminous efficiency rating of 3,500 lumens and power of 150 W.

Both the dimmer and RGB colours are configured as 16-bit channels, which means that it is not only possible to obtain uniform brightness, but also to achieve gentle and lasting colour fading. The A.leda range K10 and K20 models have a zoom that goes from 14° to 70°, while the K5 has a fixed angle of 12°.

All A.leda lights may be controlled by Art-Net, which is a significant advantage, especially in combination with a video server in pixel-mapping mode. In this way, several A.leda lights can be used to create bright palettes with low-resolution LEDs.