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Lighting Designer
Mario Airò
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An entire month has been dedicated to modern art in all its forms: from “Luci d’Artista a Torino” lighting installations to the works of ManifesTO and numerous exhibitions in city museums. Turin has become the setting for a maze of different art forms, which spreads from the old city to the outskirts. You can enjoy it just by looking up at all the lighting installations by “Luci d’Artista a Torino”, open air masterpieces throughout the city streets and squares, and works by famous contemporary artists.

Piazza Palazzo di Città is the backdrop to “Cosmometrie” by Mario Airò, which comes to life opposite the Town Hall. This is one of the most original masterpieces in illumination, where a phantasmagoria of astral designs and zodiac symbols are projected onto the square. The artist drew inspiration from the book “Articuli 160 adversus mathematicos” by Giordano Bruno. 42 drawings taken from the book are projected onto this small square, forming a constantly evolving magic carpet. City lights have been reduced to a minimum to enhance these scenic effects, which passers-by can enjoy after sunset by entering a spectacular maze of light and shadow.

All the “astral paintings” have been created using 40 Clay Paky VIP 1200, which are hidden inside huge bells specially created to both “disguise” the projectors and protect them from the elements.