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Light and color in the Palau de la Música of Barcelona with Claypaky
Lighting Designer
Juanjo Beloqui
Arcoiris Lighting System
Photo Credits
Arcoiris Lighting System
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SPAIN – Once again, A.leda B-Eye K20 Claypaky and Mythos were the perfect complements to make shine the Rozalén singer performance in Barcelona.

On 15th of June, the Palau de la Música hosted Rozalén’s concert as a part of her tour ‘Quien me ha visto…’ . The Project was responsible to organize the event, helped by the services of the rental company Arcoiris Lighting System.

The audience was surprised by the indispensable Mythos of Claypaky, and offered a visual experience that perfectly accompanied the artist. This system is a very versatile and useful tool in any environment or situation. Its zoom 4 °- 50 ° is optimized for focus and independent of the fixed and rotating gobos, but in addition to, it also has a powerful and defined lightbeam which remains parallel throughout its length.

On the other hand, the moving light LED Claypaky, A.leda B-Eye K20, thanks to its front lens that allows you to turn on itself to create small bright compositions, completed the show with its stunning visuals, which can be opened and close like petals. It is a wash of high efficiency with an impressive lightbeam. Its versatility,  with a range of zoom from 4° to 60°, makes itself in a very interesting creative tool for lighting designers, and also in a suitable tool for any environment.

The Spaniard Juanjo Beloqui was responsible for illuminating the guest artist under the control of the MA Lighting grandMA2, a benchmark in entertainment lighting control . During the concert, a brilliant play of light and color complemented the performance of Rozalén, that once again surprised her audience.

is a Spanish singer and songwriter who began her musical career in the year 2012 with his album ‘ Con derecho a …’ In a very short time has become an important artist in the Spanish music scene.