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Lights, camera, action as Aurora Lighting Associates expands its Clay Paky horizons
Lighting Designer
Chris Rigby, Gurdip Mahal, Ross Williams & Nick Edwards
Aurora Lighting Associates Ltd.
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It’s exciting times in the TV lighting world with the news that Chris Rigby, Gurdip Mahal, Ross Williams and Nick Edwards have joined forces to create Aurora Lighting Associates Ltd.  And the expanded company has extended its broadcast lighting influence with a string of popular TV programmes featuring on the busy Autumn TV schedules.
In order to fulfil commitments to the increasing number of shows and broadcast channels the company is supplying, the Aurora team have made a significant investment in the company inventory.
Top of the list of significant purchase have been more than 80 Clay Paky Sharpys.

They are the first Clay Paky purchases Chris Rigby, founding owner of Aurora has made for a considerable time….he still on occasion goes out with his trusty Goldenscans which can often be seen on ‘Later….with Jools Holland’!
‘As a new venture we needed to make sure our stock levels were up to scratch. A key strategy was to increase investment in our equipment to meet the needs of our existing commitments ….. and beyond.  We need to consider our own projects, as well as the increased dry hire demands of the new company’, comments Nick Edwards, Managing Director of Aurora Lighting Associates.  ‘Aurora’s expansion plans are bold and we need the inventory to match. We’ve got an incredibly busy run to the end of the year’, he says.  ‘Since the Sharpys have been purchased in August, our investment in these dynamic fixtures has been proven.  They certainly haven’t been idle on the shelves’.

With Aurora Lighting’s reputation as a specialist TV and broadcast lighting company, the Sharpy currently has a presence on most TV channels. Gurdip Mahal has recently introduced them to Channel 4’s Friday night gameshow ‘Baggage’, Chris Rigby highlights them on Sky 1’s ‘A League Of Their Own’ and Channel 4’s ‘Alan Carr – Chatty Man’, whilst Aurora has supplied Oli Richards who features them on ITV1’s ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’.
‘It is common these days to see the Sharpy at the top of the fixture list for our own LDs and the LDs we work with. The Sharpy goes out at an affordable hire price that suits the weekly budget for TV chat and quiz shows’, comments Edwards.

‘In fact it’s fair to say that the Sharpy is the only light to be correctly identified by TV Commissioners and Production Executives, who now request it by name’ observes Chris Rigby. ‘The reason it is becoming so popular in TV lighting design is simple’ he continues, ‘It’s easy to rig, it’s lightweight, affordable, reliable, and most importantly, its a very bright fixture that leaves a distinctive signature to a lighting design.’

‘The Sharpy doesn’t cease to impress with its power, and the punch that comes from such a small unit. It seems that LDs would far rather specify the Sharpy than a traditional moving light’ concludes Edwards.
Commenting on the service they receive from Ambersphere Solutions, Rigby has a simple observation, saying ‘Ambersphere Solutions’ service level is outstanding. We have known the team for years, we’ve grown up with them, and we see them as lighting colleagues and friends with whom we do business. They have an in-depth understanding of the products and it is a pleasure to do business with them. We have great confidence in their support team and we know they will help us to maintain our investment in their products. It’s about trust, and its about knowing we will have back up from them 24/7.’