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Stuttgart-based GmbH recently invested in Clay Paky and MA Lighting products. The company expanded its range with Clay Paky A.Leda Wash K10s and A.Leda Wash K20s, Clay Paky Alpha Profile 800 STs, a grandMA2 light console (silent version) and an MA 4Port Node onPC.

Jens Balzer
(head of the technical design division) and Timo Stein (light technical manager) at GmbH explained their choice: “We wanted to strengthen our full service in the lighting field and we were on the look out for a competent partner, able to offer a wide range of products, which could also provide us with long term assistance. The partner we found was Lightpower.”

Clay Paky’s A.Ledas aroused our enthusiasm owing to their enormous flexibility. Lighting designers can opt for various arrangements when setting up the lights. We were also won over by the wide zoom, vivid colours, natural effect white output, fast pan and tilt movements and extraordinarily bright light. The individual LED control unit in particular, which may be easily and conveniently used with pre-programmed macros, is a unique feature that clearly distinguishes the A.Ledas from other LED washlights. It makes them suitable for various appications and leaves a wide margin for creativity.”

“Alpha Profile ST 800s
are in our opinion the perfect combination of a classic beam shaper and a powerful moving light. What makes them interesting is precisely their ability to move, since spotlights are often installed in theatre-like contexts or at exhibitions as display lighting. Other factors that justify our choice include the optical system, the linear CTO channel and the highly sophisticated Alpha Profile 800 ST motors. Nothing beats the grandMA2 at making the Alpha Profile 800’s features available quickly and easily. It is the best light console on the market“.

The new products have already been used in numerous projects, including the financial summit at the Neuen Schloss in Stuttgart and the “Die Zeit” conference, also in Stuttgart.