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New Rumi Moto3 250cc four stroke engine. Sponsored by Clay Paky

The first Rumi Moto3 project adjustment and development stage was concluded on Sunday 23 March. The riders had the chance to try out the bike on the renowned and demanding Mugello track, and came home highly satisfied both with the engine and chassis set-up performance: the bike runs and is easy to ride. The first day – the best weather-wise – saw almost all the Italian Championship riders who will compete in the Cadet class on the Tuscan track. Despite a few snags that caused him to miss the early rounds of testing, our Alessandro Delbianco clocked up an excellent lap time and proved to ride at a brisk pace.

The second day (Sunday 23 March) was marred by bad weather. It started with rain with just a touch of sunshine in the late morning. However the track did not have time to dry before it started to rain again, so the track marshals decided to wave the red flag for the afternoon. Despite adverse weather conditions, both Delbianco and Avalon Biddle completed several laps and provided the team with valuable advice for the finishing touches to the chassis set-up and gearbox. The times on this day were obviously not very significant considering the amount of water on the track, but the team came home with an excellent starting basis for the finishing touches ahead of the opening of the racing season.

The first race is scheduled for 6 April. We trust 2014 will see us playing a leading role! Our goal is to get to the end of the season with a highly competitive bike, in order to face 2015 with greater serenity.