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Lighting Designer
Renato Neri, Andrea Mantovani
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“The City and the Eyes” was the theme of the 2004 edition of “Notti di Luce” held, as usual, in the area of Piazza Dante Alighieri in Bergamo and organised by the Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Clay Paky and other Bergamo companies.

This year’s project was created through the use of light in a creative key in harmony with other artistic languages: music, theatre and dance. As in the past, the choice of spectacles took account of both the artistic aspects and audience participation, to confirm the character of a festival and meeting point that “Notti di Luce” has assumed over the last few years.

The event started on 2 September with a spectacle of hip-hop and break dance. Born as a social and artistic movement of the ethnic minorities in the United States, hip-hop is now a genre widely studied and practised in Italy. The group invited, Aktuel Force, is one of the most well-known realities at international level.

The evening of 3 September was devoted to a spectacle of music, theatre and light that, continuing along last year’s route dedicated to Italo Calvino, was inspired by his cult book “Le Città Invisibili” [The Invisible Cities].

Finally, on Saturday 4 September, actor Teo Teocoli brought a cutting and ironical spectacle that was mainly aimed at the personalities and world of television.

An essential and much awaited moment of the event was the Clay Paky show, a spectacle of coloured lights and graphic projections combined with music held in the architectural context of Piazza Dante.

Claudio Angeleri, Artistic Director of the event, told us: “it was our intention to show how light is a fundamental element of artistic expression, that can dialogue with music and dance, but can also bring out the best from historic and architectural elements, like the ones in this Piazza. Last year the light show was conceived as a dynamic picture that could interpret a very rhythmic piece of music with expression. This year, however, we decided to offer a light spectacle conceived on an atmospheric piece of music, proof of the extreme versatility of a technology, that of professional lighting for spectacles, that was invented by Clay Paky of Bergamo and exported by them all over the world”.

The light project was the work of Renato Neri of Xenon, with the technical and artistic support of Andrea Mantovani. Xenon also looked after the organisation and the setting up of the stage. The direction of the shows is by Oreste Castagna, famous for his previous experiences in Theatres and TV studios.

The light system included Stage Profile Plus SV for front lights and for lighting and shaping projections on the Courthouse, Super Scan Zoom, Stage Light 300, some Stage Zoom 1200 and Stage Color 1200 and about twenty CP Color for colouring the pilasters of the Courthouse and the gardens of the Piazza.