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Lighting Designer
Franco Fratus
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Paperissima is the art of making a successful programme using material scrapped by other transmissions. Hitches, accidents, unexpected happenings when recording, but also films supplied by the man in the street, are the pivot of this comedy of errors on TV.

The set of the 2006 edition was built inside Mediaset Studio 20 at Cologno Monzese. It consists of a long stage with white scenic elements having characteristic rounded shapes, intended to hold the colour coming from the light sources.

The lighting design incorporated over 80 Clay Paky moving body units, also including Alpha Spot HPE 575 high performance spots, installed on the battens above the stage. The studio’s perimeter, on the other hand, is studded with a multitude of Stage Color 300 and Stage Light 300 units, alternating with each other, providing numerous light points and contributing to creating the backdrops.

Franco Fratus, Paperissima Director of Photography for 10 years, told us: “The main function of the projectors is to colour the sets. This is how we’ve been able to characterise every scene with a different color. The effects are used during the dances of the Paperelle Girls (including the signature tune), during breaks and when films are shown. We also often create total fields to frame and light the public, which is always very numerous given the studio’s size”.

Fratus has been using Clay Paky projectors in Paperissima for 6 years. “We started with Stage Zoom 1200 units, which were already excellent products, and followed Clay Paky’s development up to the Alphas. I think they’re really reliable friends, with a lot of graphic solutions and equipped with every convenience for use in the studio. Director Silvia Arzuffi, too, has always told me she is completely satisfied with my artistic contribution”.